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  • Clic clic noise coming from tail rotor case (periodic noise)

    Verify that the tail drive pulley (red part 934 & 965) is not loose (1degree or 2degrees rotation is enough to create noise!) on the tail pulley holder (blue part 935). Disassemble the red part and look if there is not too much black dust on the blue...
  • agile

    Agile usually refers to an entity that possesses agility. read more at
  • NAS @ HOME part 7 Opensolaris ZFS raidZ install and benchmark

    Putting OpenSolaris in a NAS server OpenSolaris is an open source project created by Sun Microsystems to build a developer community around the Solaris Operating System technology OpenSolaris express is the official distribution and can be download HERE...
  • Useful XHTML Character Entities

    letter final sigma, sigma σ σ greek small letter sigma, tau τ τ greek small letter tau, U+03C4 ISOgrk3 upsilon υ υ greek small letter upsilon, phi φ φ greek small letter phi, U+03C6 ISOgrk3 chi χ χ greek small letter chi, U+03C7...

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