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  • ducati1098r
  • The best tool Ive ever tested for Joomla

    Ive tried 10 minutes ago Blogg-X and I can assure You that it rocks ! Blogg-X is a fat java application running under windows or macintosh, that can connect to your Joomla site using Apache XML-RPC (remote procedure call) and a bunch of other open...
  • Useful XHTML Character Entities

    omicron, U+039F Pi Π Π greek capital letter pi, U+03A0 ISOgrk3 Rho Ρ Ρ greek capital letter rho, U+03A1 Sigma Σ Σ greek capital letter sigma, Tau Τ Τ greek capital letter tau, U+03A4 Upsilon Υ Υ greek capital letter upsilon, Phi...

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