Web 2.0 describes World Wide Web sites that use technology beyond the static pages of earlier Web sites. read more at WikiPedia

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    SlideShare is the best way to share your presentations with the world.
    Let your ideas reach a broad audience. Share publicly or privately.
    Add audio to create a webinar.

    A search for Joomla return 125 presentations! while Spring java return 4897 presentations!

    You can download them free of charge, but that require a free registration.
    Not all of them are top quality, but who knows with such number of files,
    some may help you.

  • Based on the same idea as the World Stats Clock (but a lot less depressive to watch), here a nice widget that maybe talk a bit too much for me, but provide some insight on what is currently happening now in different domain.

    This is NOW


  • When Twitter use Google API, the result is http://www.twittervision.com/, a web 2.0 fun application. Watch people Twitting around the world on Google map in realtime, their API is available, so interacting with the service is easy (iPhone has one apps in itune store named: twittervision)

  • http://www.imaginationcubed.com is a kind of flash based online whiteboard which can be use in realtime to draw or send or save flash base drwanings. You can invite some colleagues for drawning together an idea by email, or AOL instant messaging. predefined shapes, grid, different brushes and a realistic pen let You draw very complicated ideas. Fun, beautiful, useful! Let's meet there if You have any question :-)

  • Then Busmonster may be useful for You!

    Some individuals are now using the open source nature of Google Maps APIs to create some customized version, Busmonster look very professionnal.

    Seattle Bus Monster helps you find bus stops near you, buses that are arriving at your bus stop soon, and it lets you set alarms to notify you when you need to leave to catch your bus.  Google Maps provides an easy-to-use map interface with detailed road maps and satellite imagery. Trip Planner lets you find bus stops in and around the Seattle area. And, ITS's Web Services provide up-to-the minute estimates of when the next bus will arrive at many of the bus stops in Seattle. Mix them all together and you get Bus Monster. 
    Best of all:  The author of Busmonster will release the source code that runs this site soon. :-)

  • Another very nice integration of Google Map:


    All current flights are there with airline, flight number, altitude and aircraft type!!!! not in real time for obvious security reasons but very interesting nowadays.


    Here are another variant, with Google Maps http://www.flygradar.nu/karta.php

    and without: http://www.flygradar.nu/stockholm.php