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  • More than 130 Super Mario Nintendo games are represented in this infographics (1.3MB)

  • By using the right tool for the job!

    Why you may need these tools?

    • A lot of Super Nintendo (SNES) games are using lithium battery for keeping save game. Battery wont last forever,
    • It is easier to open the cartridge/console to clean electrical contacts
    • It is a lot easier to repair or move parts around . Especially useful for some Super Nintendo plastic that are yellow (yellowing)

    I first came across these cheap and inexpensive screws head, which can be found for less than 4 €, but if wont open Game Bit screws (Nintendo NES, SNES and others)


    Then I order on these 3.8 + 4.5 mm Game bit Hex Tools  for 11€ including shipping (thanks rewind.gaming)


    Game Bit come in many sizes, the most popular Game Bit  sizes is the 4.5mm and 3.8mm Game Bit. But manufacturer did not only use Game Bit but also Tri-wing screws now.


    gamebit.3.8mm gamebit.3.8mm philips.screwdriver 120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg
    BIT 3.8 mm BIT 4.5mm Philips head Tri-wing head

    Screwdrivers compatibility chart

    Games System Controller
    nintendo nes  Nintendo NES gamebit.3.8mm philips.screwdriver philips.screwdriver
    super nintendo system Super Nintendo gamebit.3.8mm gamebit.3.8mm philips.screwdriver
    nintendo-64-system Nintendo 64 gamebit.3.8mm gamebit.3.8mm philips.screwdriver
    nintendo game cube Nintendo Game Cube none gamebit.3.8mm 120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg
    nintendo wii Nintendo Wii none 120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg 120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg
    nintendo virtual boy Nintendo Virtual Boy gamebit.3.8mm gamebit.3.8mm philips.screwdriver
    nintendo game boy Nintendo Game Boy gamebit.3.8mm 120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg none
    nintendo game boy color Nintendo Game Boy Color gamebit.3.8mm 120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg none
    nintendo game boy advance Nintendo Game Boy Advance 120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg 120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg none
    game boy advance sp Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP 120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg 120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg none
    nintendo ds system Nintendo DS 120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg 120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg none
    nintendo ds lite system Nintendo DS Lite 120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg 120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg none
    nintendo dsi Nintendo DSi 120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg 120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg ???
    nintendo dsi xl system Nintendo DSi XL 120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg 120px-Screw_Head_-_Tri-wing.svg ???
    sega master system Sega Master System gamebit.3.8mm philips.screwdriver philips.screwdriver
    sega genesis Sega Genesis gamebit.3.8mm philips.screwdriver philips.screwdriver
    sega cd Sega CD none philips.screwdriver philips.screwdriver
    sega cdx Sega CDX none philips.screwdriver philips.screwdriver
    sega 32x Sega 32X gamebit.3.8mm philips.screwdriver philips.screwdriver
    sega saturn Sega Saturn none philips.screwdriver philips.screwdriver
    sega dreamcast Sega Dreamcast none philips.screwdriver philips.screwdriver
    sega game gear Sega Game Gear gamebit.3.8mm gamebit.3.8mm none
    turbografx 16 system Nec TurboGrafx 16 none gamebit.3.8mm philips.screwdriver
    nec turboduo system Nec TurboDuo none gamebit.3.8mm ???
  • Some things that are still missing:

    • Dead or Alive 4
    • a Modchip, Teamxecuter is well place to ship the first one in weeks or months....
    • a way to use it as a media center with an open source software
    • samba share and not proprietary protocol which require XP/MCE


    1. noise
    2. size of alimentation

    but I am able to support it when I play in 720pp on a 5 meters display :-)

    some sites on hacking:

    Not related to hacking but some good news on games, mods

  • SNK Corporation (Head Office: Osaka Prefecture Suita City, President: Koichi Toyama) has announces a new  game machine "NEOGEO mini (Neo Geo Mini)" commemorating the 40th anniversary of the SNK brand.


    "NEOGEO mini" is a game machine with 40 built-in masterpieces and masterpiece titles from among the varied lineup of the game platform "NEOGEO" born in 1990. The game machine body has a 3.5-inch liquid crystal display and you can enjoy your favorite game without connecting it to the TV monitor. It is a compact size to ride in the palm, and the exterior design is prepared in two types: the Japanese version (sold in Japan, Asia region) and the overseas version (sold in North America, Europe and other regions). The Japanese version was designed with blue, white, red color scheme, with the motif of NEOGEO's arcade cabinet which appeared in the 1990's. Overseas version is a simple, modern design based on black, white, blue. 

    • Product name: NEOGEO mini (Neo Geo Mini) 
    • Number of titles included: 40 Title 
    • Liquid crystal size: 3.5 inch 
    • Dimensions / Weight: W135 mm × D 108 mm × H 162 mm / 600 g 
    • Accessory: Power cable No) 
      and connectors: HDMI terminal (for TV output), headphone jack, an external controller terminal 2 × 

    Asia version of NEOGEO mini

    European version of NEOGEO mini

    see also Press announcement

  • sony_playstation_ps3

    Direct from retailers all over the world, VGChart present the latest next-gen console sales:

    XBOX 360 0.38m Japan
    5.88m Americas
    3.40m Others
    1.98m Japan
    2.37m Americas
    1.68m Others

    0.83m Japan
    1.32m Americas
    0.52m Others

    Nintendo DS

    15.95m Japan
    11.41m Americas
    11.95m Others
    5.42m Japan
    7.95m Americas
    7.53m Others

    there is just a small eror in PS3 worldwide sales chart,  I know someone that has bought a PS3 an it is still not counted ;-)
    more pictures soon.

  • NintendoGame&WatchManhole_1981_ (7)

    Game & Watch or G&W is a line of handheld electronic games produced by Nintendo from 1980 to 1991 and created by game designer Gunpei Yokoi, each Game & Watch features a single game to be played on an LCD screen in addition to a clock and/or an alarm.