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    PC1: true Xp2800+ (not Barton) on Nforce2 Asus A7N8X deluxe - 1024Mb
    PC2: true XP1700+@2350MHz on Nforce2 Asus A7N8X deluxe -512 Mb

    click here to hear my system running on <1 Fan> <2 Fans> <No Fan>


    • A must for ears, so quiet and so easy to install (only if you reduce voltage of fans from 12V to 5V as on PC2).
    • I recommend you a middle or big tower to install everything inside (as on PC1)
    • I recommend you to choose the smallest radiator available (the senfu on PC1 provide good performance at a noise level you can not hear!!!!)
    • Expensive? yes¨but:
      1. You can use part during years...You must admit that this is not the case with your air cooling radiator. For example: forget you Alpha pal 6035 with your latest XP 3000, it is only validated till 1500MHz, it cost me alone 50â?¬
      2. You can choose a less expensive radiator, or buy an old one from an old car, but you will have to cleaned it properly.
      3. You do not need 2 or 3 ventilators, one is enough.
    • Maintenance? every 6 months check the coolant.
  • Tomshardware has an interesting articles for all XBOX modder which prefer having an original Network attached Storage instead of a game machine.

    With the arrival of the Xbox360, there will soon be a buyer's market for its older sibling. Kevin Herring shows how to give an Xbox a new lease on life as a full-featured NAS.


  • In the past 2 weeks, I use to have my watercooling pump (Eheim 1048) making a very bad noise for the first time after 1.5 years of 24/7 operations...and I found this page:
    I've done the mods and......lovely the silence of operations is back!!! thanks to all persons which have tried this mod before! :-) it is really working!

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    Installation in pictures

    in 05.2004, running 24/7 since august 2003

    add a transparent big tank o matic (42â?¬) a lot easier to watch water level, and radiator legs (22â?¬), 12cm Fan are located below

    temporary in middle tower in 2003

  • Penguin computing power!

    Here we goes, I've receive yesterday all missing hardware to finish the building of my own NAS.

    A NAS (or Network Attached Storage) is a hard disk storage device that is set up with its own network address rather than being attached directly to the computer that is serving applications or files to a network's users. By using a NAS, both applications and files can be served faster because they are not competing for the same processor resources. The NAS is attached to a local area network (typically, an Ethernet network) and assigned an IP address....

    Here is some pictures...Nothing really special, if You already know how to build a computer by Your own...

    The 4 Western Digital Hard disks RAID optimized because they have been made to have a time-limited error recovery which improves compatibility with RAID adapters, and prevents drive fallout caused by the extended hard drive error-recovery processes common to desktop hard drives.

    "Desktop drives are designed to protect and recover data, at times pausing for as much as a few minutes to make sure that data is recovered. Inside a RAID system, where the RAID controller handles error recovery, the drive needn't pause for extended periods to recover data. In fact, heroic error recovery attempts can cause a RAID system to drop a drive out of the array. WD RE is engineered to prevent hard drive error recovery fallout by limiting the drive's error recovery time. With error recovery factory set to seven seconds, the drive has time to attempt a recovery, allow the RAID controller to log the error, and still stay online." from  Western Digital

    These drives along with the Maxtor Maxline III  have 60 months guaranty: highly recommended!

    Ask the shop to provide You disks not from the same batch, to reduce statically disk fallout.
    In order to replace a faulty RAID disk as fast as possible, it is not a bad idea to put a number on them. Normally hard disks in a NAS are into zero force and hot swap bays. But they cost at least 250$ for 4 drives...
    First batch of 3 disks (3 x 320GB Western Digital). Using a Thermaltake Armor tower help a lot in my setting.
    Same remark, it is obvious but cables can also fail, and it is not recommended to pull out the wrong cable if the array is online.
    Second batch of 3 disks, the number 6 will be mounted later.
    Thermaltake provide in the front bay a really good cooling fan with an integrated blue led.
    The Asus A8N-VM mainboard  mini ATX, Nvidia 6150/430 Video, socket 939, SATA RAID 0,1,5

    Ohhh no, cables are starting to pop out the case. Do not expect to see  a Mackintosh ordered internal case in the next few pictures...
    Routing cables, the case has a lot of possibilities to hide them.

    The AMD Athlon 64 3000+, Socket 939, Venice core, is cooled down by a Zallmann  CNPS9500
    Bringing power to all disks.
    Front of the case, the mainboard along with the additional hardware RAID card (Promise SuperTrak EX8350, SATA2) has more than 14 SATA ports...plenty of extensions possibilities with a case of...20 bays.
    The front cooler will be able to suck air freely.
    Power ON!

    The system is making a lot of noise (not only coming from FANs), I reduce the Zallmann noise (horrible at full speed) with the included speed controller.
    The 7 hard disks (one in hot swap) are making the case wobbling.
    Detail on the Zalmann CNPS9500 LED

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    Result from overclocking

    XP1700(1470MHz) @2350Mhz
    Nforce2 Asus A7N8X deluxe -512 Mb
    Bios 1004
    Voltage 1.65V
    FSB: 211MHz
    Multiplier: 11

    Better than a Barton XP3200+

    CPU Speed ÂFSBÂCore SpeedÂMultiplierÂCore VoltageÂ
    Athlon XP 3200+ Barton4002.2 Ghz111.65
    Athlon XP 3000+ Barton3332.17 GHz131.65v
    Athlon XP 2800+ Barton3332.08 GHz12.51.65v
    Athlon XP 2500+ Barton3331.83 GHz111.65v
    Athlon XP 2800+3332.25 GHz13.5x1.65v
    Athlon XP 2700+3332.17 GHz13x1.65v
    Athlon XP 2600+2662.13 GHz16x1.65v
    Athlon XP 2400+2662.00 GHz15x1.65v
    Athlon XP 2200+2661.80 GHz13.5x1.65V
    Athlon XP 2100+2661.73 GHz13.0x1.60V
    Athlon XP 2000+2661.67 GHz12.5x1.60V
    Athlon XP 1900+2661.60 GHz12.0x1.50V
    Athlon XP 1800+2661.53 GHz11.5x1.50V
    ->Athlon XP 1700+2661.47 GHz11.0x1.50V


  • Materials:
    • AMD Athlon XP 1700+ Thoroughbred @ XP 3300+ JIUHB 0308/10 AXDA1700DLT3C XPMW(1,5V) - unlocked multiplier - cost 82€
      This is probably one of the best stepping ever produced as today (6.06.2003) by AMD, far away better then JIUHB, JIUGB and JIUCB with the revision DUT3C. The core is using as default only 1.5V instead of 1.6V (JIU*B stepping)!
      When using 1.55V, this kind of cpu is handling a confortable XP-2800. Pushing it to limit (1.775V) let me reach 2500MHz (FSB:200MHz, multiplier 12,5) this is damn a XP3000+ This CPU also outpassed AMD's Athlon XP 3000+ with Barton core (they run at only 2166MHz and cost 400€). Moreover my CPU is running at 333Mhz or even 400Mhz synchronously with memory
    • Watercooling set from Innovatek bought at NO I am not a crazy overclocker, but I am SICK of hearing my Volcano 9: you can not stay beside the pc when it is running.
    • Memory 2x256Mb PC333 (=PC2700) Note even better you can buy: PC400 (=PC3200) or PC466 (=PC3700)

  • build your kit at


    The WaterCUBE GT3

    The WaterCUBE GT3 guarantees shiver performances and temperatures of exercise under control also with emiting CPU more than 100 Watts (power calculated with overclocked and under stress CPU).
    The kit includes the Waterblock, the clip of fixing on socket A/370 and 2,5 mt of Crystal Extraflex pipes.

    Size: 50x50x47 mm.
    Weight: 260 gr.
    Material: Copper,Aluminum
    Pipes: internal diameter 8 mm. - outside diameter 12 mm - thickness 2 mm

    Next-Cool guarantees all of his products 24 months from defects of manufacture.

    innovakool 3.0 mounted on PC2

    The AGB-O-Matic

    The AGB-O-Matic is used for filling and de-aerating a water cooling system. The use of this device is very simple: You just need to plug it onto the EHEIM pump. Then, the pump can suck in the fresh water directly and absolutely free of blow holes.
    Despite of the slim design of 50x56x120 mm, the AGB-O-Matic provides a huge filling volume. The tank is leakproofed which makes it possible to transport the device easily. After installing the AGB-O-Matic, the water cooling system is filled though the aparture at the top (see picture).

    The AGB-O-Matic is optimized for the Eheim pumps 1046 and 1048. It consists of glass fibre reinforced plastics.
    As standard, the runback flow is equipped with one 8x1 screw connection. The 1/4 inch screw thread makes it possible to use other connectors and therefore to combine the AGB-O-Matic with tubes that have other diameters.

    Technical facts:
    Weight: 110 g
    Material: Glass fibre reinforced plastics
    Dimensions (without the pump): 50x56x120 mm
    Fits with Eheim 1046 and 1048
    Equipped with one 8x1 screw connection
    Watercool HTF2-Dual 2.0
    The features in detail:
    • Very powerful design with large surface (the copper pipe is more than 6 m long)
    • the cooling liquid flows parallel through the pipes at the same time which helps to avoid streaming loss
    • Turbo fins for optimal heat dissipation
    • Antechamber for the air which provides consistent pressure build-up
    • Optimized for slow rotating fans with a diameter of 120 mm
    • fan installation using included screw threads
    • screw threads at both sides of the cooling unit for installation in or at the case
    • high quality material
    • G ¼ inch screw-in sockets for installation with all connecting systems
    • robust powder coating

    Material:Pipes: copper (diameter 8 mm), Fins: aluminium, Sides: stainless steal
    Dimensions outside: 285 x 137 x 58 mm
    Installation: 8x M4 screw threads on top (for two fans with a diameter of 120 mm), 4x M4 screw threads at both sides (for the installation in or at the case)
    Compressive strength: until 30 bar
    Surface: black, powder coating, stainless steal, polished
    Connection: 2x screw threads G ¼ inch (angel of 90°)
    Included in delivery: HT-Flat, instructions for installation, 8x M4 screws, hex-wrench, 2-year-guarantee for pressure tightness and workmanship

    Electronic add-on module for flow monitoring

    Flow-O-Matic electronic flow monitoring is used for active electronic flow monitoring in the water circulation of your watercooling.It is simply put into the cycle and then emits a signal, as long as a flow is present.It is simply attached to the Main board and the emited signal can be analyzed by the BIOS or suitable software (e.g. MBM). It contains also 2 bue leds.
    Eheim 1048 Centrifugal pump

    1048 Centrifugal pump
    Pump performance 600 l/h
    Hoisting hight 1,50 mWs
    Power consumption 10 W
    Tube connection suction-sided (ingoing) Ã?13mm
    Tube connection pressure-sided (outgoing) Ã?13mm
    Measurements mm 145 x 75 x 118 mm

    The pump is hardly audible and can be used in and outside of the water. It has a 220 volt connection.
    2 Titan Fan 120x120x25

    Dimensions: 120x120x25mm
    Voltage: 12 Volt
    Air flow: 2,30³/min
    revolutions: 2000 r/min
    Volume: <36dB

    This fan has a very good cooling performance and can still be run at 7 V without losing much performance. Furthermore, it passes the number of revolutions on to the Mainboard.

    In the extent of supply 4 screws are included for attachment to the casing or the radiator.
    Total260â?¬ (euro)

  • They're is also a lot of internet page on the subject, as usual, google is Your friend!

    Some people are really pushing the art of PC case modding to its limit:
    •  AquaSphere is an example...(a small robot also open the door and the inside is even more crazy)
    • PuzzleboxHellraiser mod
    • WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction)
    But Why the Hell  ;-) still having a computer motherboard inside these beauties? just for seing some blue screen of death :-)

  •  112x112x150mm, 692 Gr - No Comment


    Mes conseils:

    • Toujours couper les tuyaux avec un cutter pour avoir une coupe bien droite (pas au ciseaux)
    • Vérifier bien le sens de circulation de l'eau, si c'est à l'envers le kit risque de faire beaucoup trop de bruits...

    Point forts:

    • Qualité du kit et des différents composants de trés bon à génial...
    • Des tuyaux fluos jaune en standard et de quoi tuyauter 2 ordinateurs sans probléme.

    Point faibles:

    • Beaucoup trop de place pris par ce systéme dans votre tour!!!! de 5 emplacements 51/4 sur le papier à 6 pour être franc.
      • 2 emplacements 5''1/4 pour le couple ventilateur et radiateur + de maniére réaliste un 5''1/4 pour éviter de surchauffer votre lecteur de CD/DVD/Disque dur préféré.
      • 2 emplacements 5''1/4 pour le couple détecteur de circulation et contrà´leur de niveau d'eau.
      • 1 emplacements 5''1/4pour le réservoir, mais vous n'en avez pas besoin à partir du moment ou vous utilisez un piége à bulle d'air Innovatek monté sur la pompe (de 9€ à 25€)
    • Beaucoup trop de vis sur la facade du réservoir à mon gout...surtout que ce sont des vis parker bas de gamme.
    • Des tuyaux de diamétre insuffisant, quelques prises de diamétre supérieure sont néanmoins livré mais pas en nombre suffisants pour changer au dernier moment (cout prohibitif si vous changer toutes les prises d'eau).
    • Le bruit est correct sans plus, les performances moyennes, bonnes pour un pc de bureau ou un home cinema avec un processeur qui ne pédale pas trop vite.
    • Le témoin rotatif de circulation d'eau ne sert à rien sinon à décorer...qui va surveiller 24h sur 24, qu'il tourne? un circuit électronique comme ceux vendu par Innovatek permet de simuler la présence d'un ventilateur, mais il est difficilement adaptable.