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  • Réponse recue le vendredi 29 juillet 2005 09:44:22

    De maniére certaine, BRP nous a interdit d'homologuer cette machine, et ils
    ne le feront pas eux-mêmes.
    Bien à vous,
    Pierre LAMOUILLE
    PDG Everset

    -----Message d'origine-----
    De : cedric walterEnvoyé : jeudi 28 juillet 2005 22:29
    À : Pierre LAMOUILLE
    Objet : ds 650
    Est ce que Everset ou bombardier pensent homologuer tres bientot le ds650
    pour les routes francaises, (idealement pas bloque à 20cv) car j'aimerai
    circuler en regles sur les chemins de terre (uniquement) et cela me generai
    d'acheter un autre quad.
    Merci, toute infos sera la bienvennue.
    Cedric walter

  • About the Speakers

    Florian Glatz is a lawyer, researcher and software developer with a passion for Blockchain Technology. His legal background lies in intellectual property, competition and data protection law. As a researcher he has worked for the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, the European University Institute and CNRS. Florian Glatz is also a web developer with over a decade of work experience. Now, he is focused on understanding and embedding blockchain technology in today's information society.

    The Topic:

    Distributed Ledger Technology aka Blockchain is gaining recognition in both private and public sectors. The peer-to-peer technology promises to disintermediate, streamline and standardize processes across a wide range of industries and public service offerings. Although a key innovation of Blockchain Technology is the sophisticated level of self-governance it enables, the technology needs to be recognized by national and international laws and regulations to go from fringe to mainstream. At the same time, Blockchain-based applications and services need to incorporate an understanding of relevant legal norms into their codified rulesets.

    How can we combine the empowering properties of distributed ledgers with the legal tools and frameworks our society has evolved?

    Let's hear it from the view of a Lawyer.