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    ICEsoft Technologies, Inc., is a leading provider of standards-compliant, Ajax-based solutions for developing and deploying Java EE, rich Internet applications. ICEfaces is a leading open source Ajax framework for Java EE.

    I search a lot in forums for resolving this small inconvenience in eclipse Helios. The solution is easier as you think:

    Are you using some custom file extensions?

    Name your facelets templates *.jspx if you are using any other extension, Eclipse JSP editor wont be used and you may have limited auto completion support.

    if you still want to use *.xhtml, .iface

    1. Go to Windows – Preferences – General – Content Types –  Text - JSP – and add your extensions
    2. into 'File Associations' and made the 'JSP editor' the default for .xhtml

    Auto completion for facelets, html and core components

    Use Jboss Tools which has enables content assist for f: ui: s: h:

    To install JBoss Tools, start up Eclipse 3.6 then:

    Help > Install New Software... >
    and add this URL:http://download.jboss.org/jbosstools/updates/development/

    Locate your project in eclipse, right click, select configure and choose “Add JSF capabilities” as seen in the picture below


    Now open any files with the HTML editor/JSP editor, in fact it will work now with any editors and for all tags


    Another solution

    You do not need to install Jboss Tools (I recommend it through) but what about Icefaces support?

    Icefaces provide a plugin 3.5.0 that support auto completion of tags in Eclipse Galileo (3.5) for icefaces 1.8.2.  While Eclipse Helios is only supported with icefaces 2.0 (plugin > 3.6.2)

  • Useful reference table  when developing XHTML or Java Server Faces (JSF) of facelets...

    nbsp &160;no-break space = non-breaking space,
    iexcl¡&161;inverted exclamation mark, U+00A1 ISOnum
    cent¢&162;cent sign, U+00A2 ISOnum
    pound£&163;pound sign, U+00A3 ISOnum
    curren¤&164;currency sign, U+00A4 ISOnum
    yen¥&165;yen sign = yuan sign, U+00A5 ISOnum
    brvbar¦&166;broken bar = broken vertical bar,
    sect§&167;section sign, U+00A7 ISOnum
    uml¨&168;diaeresis = spacing diaeresis,
    copy©&169;copyright sign, U+00A9 ISOnum
    ordfª&170;feminine ordinal indicator, U+00AA ISOnum
    laquo«&171;left-pointing double angle quotation mark
    not¬&172;not sign, U+00AC ISOnum
    shy­&173;soft hyphen = discretionary hyphen,
    reg®&174;registered sign = registered trade mark sign,
    macr¯&175;macron = spacing macron = overline
    deg°&176;degree sign, U+00B0 ISOnum
    plusmn±&177;plus-minus sign = plus-or-minus sign,
    sup2²&178;superscript two = superscript digit two
    sup3³&179;superscript three = superscript digit three
    acute´&180;acute accent = spacing acute,
    microµ&181;micro sign, U+00B5 ISOnum
    para&182;pilcrow sign = paragraph sign,
    middot·&183;middle dot = Georgian comma
    cedil¸&184;cedilla = spacing cedilla, U+00B8 ISOdia
    sup1¹&185;superscript one = superscript digit one,
    ordmº&186;masculine ordinal indicator,
    raquo»&187;right-pointing double angle quotation mark
    frac14¼&188;vulgar fraction one quarter
    frac12½&189;vulgar fraction one half
    frac34¾&190;vulgar fraction three quarters
    iquest¿&191;inverted question mark
    AgraveÀ&192;latin capital letter A with grave
    AacuteÁ&193;latin capital letter A with acute,
    AcircÂ&194;latin capital letter A with circumflex,
    AtildeÃ&195;latin capital letter A with tilde,
    AumlÄ&196;latin capital letter A with diaeresis,
    AringÅ&197;latin capital letter A with ring above
    AEligÆ&198;latin capital letter AE
    CcedilÇ&199;latin capital letter C with cedilla,
    EgraveÈ&200;latin capital letter E with grave,
    EacuteÉ&201;latin capital letter E with acute,
    EcircÊ&202;latin capital letter E with circumflex,
    EumlË&203;latin capital letter E with diaeresis,
    IgraveÌ&204;latin capital letter I with grave,
    IacuteÍ&205;latin capital letter I with acute,
    IcircÎ&206;latin capital letter I with circumflex,
    IumlÏ&207;latin capital letter I with diaeresis,
    ETHÐ&208;latin capital letter ETH, U+00D0 ISOlat1
    NtildeÑ&209;latin capital letter N with tilde,
    OgraveÒ&210;latin capital letter O with grave,
    OacuteÓ&211;latin capital letter O with acute,
    OcircÔ&212;latin capital letter O with circumflex,
    OtildeÕ&213;latin capital letter O with tilde,
    OumlÖ&214;latin capital letter O with diaeresis,
    times×&215;multiplication sign, U+00D7 ISOnum
    OslashØ&216;latin capital letter O with stroke
    UgraveÙ&217;latin capital letter U with grave,
    UacuteÚ&218;latin capital letter U with acute,
    UcircÛ&219;latin capital letter U with circumflex,
    UumlÜ&220;latin capital letter U with diaeresis,
    YacuteÝ&221;latin capital letter Y with acute,
    THORNÞ&222;latin capital letter THORN,
    szligß&223;latin small letter sharp s = ess-zed,
    agraveà&224;latin small letter a with grave
    aacuteá&225;latin small letter a with acute,
    acircâ&226;latin small letter a with circumflex,
    atildeã&227;latin small letter a with tilde,
    aumlä&228;latin small letter a with diaeresis,
    aringå&229;latin small letter a with ring above
    aeligæ&230;latin small letter ae
    ccedilç&231;latin small letter c with cedilla,
    egraveè&232;latin small letter e with grave,
    eacuteé&233;latin small letter e with acute,
    ecircê&234;latin small letter e with circumflex,
    eumlë&235;latin small letter e with diaeresis,
    igraveì&236;latin small letter i with grave,
    iacuteí&237;latin small letter i with acute,
    icircî&238;latin small letter i with circumflex,
    iumlï&239;latin small letter i with diaeresis,
    ethð&240;latin small letter eth, U+00F0 ISOlat1
    ntildeñ&241;latin small letter n with tilde,
    ograveò&242;latin small letter o with grave,
    oacuteó&243;latin small letter o with acute,
    ocircô&244;latin small letter o with circumflex,
    otildeõ&245;latin small letter o with tilde,
    oumlö&246;latin small letter o with diaeresis,
    divide÷&247;division sign, U+00F7 ISOnum
    oslashø&248;latin small letter o with stroke,
    ugraveù&249;latin small letter u with grave,
    uacuteú&250;latin small letter u with acute,
    ucircû&251;latin small letter u with circumflex,
    uumlü&252;latin small letter u with diaeresis,
    yacuteý&253;latin small letter y with acute,
    thornþ&254;latin small letter thorn,
    yumlÿ&255;latin small letter y with diaeresis,
    fnofƒ&402;latin small f with hook = function
    Alpha&913;&913;greek capital letter alpha, U+0391
    Beta&914;&914;greek capital letter beta, U+0392
    Gamma&915;&915;greek capital letter gamma,
    Delta&916;&916;greek capital letter delta,
    Epsilon&917;&917;greek capital letter epsilon, U+0395
    Zeta&918;&918;greek capital letter zeta, U+0396
    Eta&919;&919;greek capital letter eta, U+0397
    Theta&920;&920;greek capital letter theta,
    Iota&921;&921;greek capital letter iota, U+0399
    Kappa&922;&922;greek capital letter kappa, U+039A
    Lambda&923;&923;greek capital letter lambda,
    Mu&924;&924;greek capital letter mu, U+039C
    Nu&925;&925;greek capital letter nu, U+039D
    Xi&926;&926;greek capital letter xi, U+039E ISOgrk3
    Omicron&927;&927;greek capital letter omicron, U+039F
    Pi&928;&928;greek capital letter pi, U+03A0 ISOgrk3
    Rho&929;&929;greek capital letter rho, U+03A1
    Sigma&931;&931;greek capital letter sigma,
    Tau&932;&932;greek capital letter tau, U+03A4
    Upsilon&933;&933;greek capital letter upsilon,
    Phi&934;&934;greek capital letter phi,
    Chi&935;&935;greek capital letter chi, U+03A7
    Psi&936;&936;greek capital letter psi,
    Omega&937;&937;greek capital letter omega,
    alpha&945;&945;greek small letter alpha,
    beta&946;&946;greek small letter beta, U+03B2 ISOgrk3
    gamma&947;&947;greek small letter gamma,
    delta&948;&948;greek small letter delta,
    epsilon&949;&949;greek small letter epsilon,
    zeta&950;&950;greek small letter zeta, U+03B6 ISOgrk3
    eta&951;&951;greek small letter eta, U+03B7 ISOgrk3
    theta&952;&952;greek small letter theta,
    iota&953;&953;greek small letter iota, U+03B9 ISOgrk3
    kappa&954;&954;greek small letter kappa,
    lambda&955;&955;greek small letter lambda,
    mu&956;&956;greek small letter mu, U+03BC ISOgrk3
    nu&957;&957;greek small letter nu, U+03BD ISOgrk3
    xi&958;&958;greek small letter xi, U+03BE ISOgrk3
    omicron&959;&959;greek small letter omicron, U+03BF NEW
    pi&960;&960;greek small letter pi, U+03C0 ISOgrk3
    rho&961;&961;greek small letter rho, U+03C1 ISOgrk3
    sigmaf&962;&962;greek small letter final sigma,
    sigma&963;&963;greek small letter sigma,
    tau&964;&964;greek small letter tau, U+03C4 ISOgrk3
    upsilon&965;&965;greek small letter upsilon,
    phi&966;&966;greek small letter phi, U+03C6 ISOgrk3
    chi&967;&967;greek small letter chi, U+03C7 ISOgrk3
    psi&968;&968;greek small letter psi, U+03C8 ISOgrk3
    omega&969;&969;greek small letter omega,
    thetasym&977;&977;greek small letter theta symbol,
    upsih&978;&978;greek upsilon with hook symbol,
    piv&982;&982;greek pi symbol, U+03D6 ISOgrk3
    bull•&8226;bullet = black small circle,
    hellip…&8230;horizontal ellipsis = three dot leader,
    prime&8242;&8242;prime = minutes = feet, U+2032 ISOtech
    Prime&8243;&8243;double prime = seconds = inches,
    oline&8254;&8254;overline = spacing overscore,
    frasl&8260;&8260;fraction slash, U+2044 NEW
    weierp&8472;&8472;script capital P = power set
    image&8465;&8465;blackletter capital I = imaginary part,
    real&8476;&8476;blackletter capital R = real part symbol,
    trade™&8482;trade mark sign, U+2122 ISOnum
    alefsym&8501;&8501;alef symbol = first transfinite cardinal,
    larr&8592;&8592;leftwards arrow, U+2190 ISOnum
    uarr&8593;&8593;upwards arrow, U+2191 ISOnum-->
    rarr&8594;&8594;rightwards arrow, U+2192 ISOnum
    darr&8595;&8595;downwards arrow, U+2193 ISOnum
    harr&8596;&8596;left right arrow, U+2194 ISOamsa
    crarr&8629;&8629;downwards arrow with corner leftwards
    lArr&8656;&8656;leftwards double arrow, U+21D0 ISOtech
    uArr&8657;&8657;upwards double arrow, U+21D1 ISOamsa
    rArr&8658;&8658;rightwards double arrow,
    dArr&8659;&8659;downwards double arrow, U+21D3 ISOamsa
    hArr&8660;&8660;left right double arrow,
    forall&8704;&8704;for all, U+2200 ISOtech
    part&8706;&8706;partial differential, U+2202 ISOtech
    exist&8707;&8707;there exists, U+2203 ISOtech
    empty&8709;&8709;empty set = null set = diameter,
    nabla&8711;&8711;nabla = backward difference,
    isin&8712;&8712;element of, U+2208 ISOtech
    notin&8713;&8713;not an element of, U+2209 ISOtech
    ni&8715;&8715;contains as member, U+220B ISOtech
    prod&8719;&8719;n-ary product = product sign,
    sum&8721;&8721;n-ary sumation, U+2211 ISOamsb
    minus&8722;&8722;minus sign, U+2212 ISOtech
    lowast&8727;&8727;asterisk operator, U+2217 ISOtech
    radic&8730;&8730;square root = radical sign,
    prop&8733;&8733;proportional to, U+221D ISOtech
    infin&8734;&8734;infinity, U+221E ISOtech
    ang&8736;&8736;angle, U+2220 ISOamso
    and&8743;&8743;logical and = wedge, U+2227 ISOtech
    or&8744;&8744;logical or = vee, U+2228 ISOtech
    cap&8745;&8745;intersection = cap, U+2229 ISOtech
    cup&8746;&8746;union = cup, U+222A ISOtech
    int&8747;&8747;integral, U+222B ISOtech
    there4&8756;&8756;therefore, U+2234 ISOtech
    sim&8764;&8764;tilde operator = varies with = similar
    cong&8773;&8773;approximately equal to, U+2245 ISOtech
    asymp&8776;&8776;almost equal to = asymptotic to,
    ne&8800;&8800;not equal to, U+2260 ISOtech
    equiv&8801;&8801;identical to, U+2261 ISOtech
    le&8804;&8804;less-than or equal to, U+2264 ISOtech
    ge&8805;&8805;greater-than or equal to,
    sub&8834;&8834;subset of, U+2282 ISOtech
    sup&8835;&8835;superset of, U+2283 ISOtech
    nsub&8836;&8836;not a subset of, U+2284 ISOamsn
    sube&8838;&8838;subset of or equal to, U+2286 ISOtech
    supe&8839;&8839;superset of or equal to,
    oplus&8853;&8853;circled plus = direct sum,
    otimes&8855;&8855;circled times = vector product,
    perp&8869;&8869;up tack = orthogonal to = perpendicular,
    sdot&8901;&8901;dot operator, U+22C5 ISOamsb
    lceil&8968;&8968;left ceiling = apl upstile,
    rceil&8969;&8969;right ceiling, U+2309 ISOamsc
    lfloor&8970;&8970;left floor = apl downstile,
    rfloor&8971;&8971;right floor, U+230B ISOamsc
    lang&9001;&9001;left-pointing angle bracket = bra,
    rang&9002;&9002;right-pointing angle bracket = ket,
    loz&9674;&9674;lozenge, U+25CA ISOpub
    spades&9824;&9824;black spade suit, U+2660 ISOpub
    clubs&9827;&9827;black club suit = shamrock,
    hearts&9829;&9829;black heart suit = valentine,
    diams&9830;&9830;black diamond suit, U+2666 ISOpub
    quot"&34;quotation mark = APL quote,
    amp&&38;ampersand, U+0026 ISOnum
    lt<&60;less-than sign, U+003C ISOnum
    gt>&62;greater-than sign, U+003E ISOnum
    OEligŒ&338;latin capital ligature OE,
    oeligœ&339;latin small ligature oe, U+0153 ISOlat2
    ScaronŠ&352;latin capital letter S with caron,
    scaronš&353;latin small letter s with caron,
    YumlŸ&376;latin capital letter Y with diaeresis,
    circˆ&710;modifier letter circumflex accent,
    tilde˜&732;small tilde, U+02DC ISOdia
    ensp &8194;en space, U+2002 ISOpub
    emsp &8195;em space, U+2003 ISOpub
    thinsp &8201;thin space, U+2009 ISOpub
    zwnj&8204;&8204;zero width non-joiner,
    zwj&8205;&8205;zero width joiner, U+200D NEW RFC 2070
    lrm&8206;&8206;left-to-right mark, U+200E NEW RFC 2070
    rlm&8207;&8207;right-to-left mark, U+200F NEW RFC 2070
    ndash–&8211;en dash, U+2013 ISOpub
    mdash—&8212;em dash, U+2014 ISOpub
    lsquo‘&8216;left single quotation mark,
    rsquo’&8217;right single quotation mark,
    sbquo‚&8218;single low-9 quotation mark, U+201A NEW
    ldquo“&8220;left double quotation mark,
    rdquo”&8221;right double quotation mark,
    bdquo„&8222;double low-9 quotation mark, U+201E NEW
    dagger†&8224;dagger, U+2020 ISOpub
    Dagger‡&8225;double dagger, U+2021 ISOpub
    permil‰&8240;per mille sign, U+2030 ISOtech
    lsaquo‹&8249;single left-pointing angle quotation mark,
    rsaquo›&8250;single right-pointing angle quotation mark,
    euro€&8364;euro sign, U+20AC NEW

  • Trying to combine JSF and JSP is like trying to shoehorn a foot into a glove: it's possible, but it's really just a stopgap measure until something better comes along. In this article, JSF enthusiast Rick Hightower introduces you to what he likes best about Facelets: easy HTML-style templating and reusable composition components.

    Facelets has several compelling features:
    • Templating (like Tiles)
    • Composition components
    • Custom logic tags
    • Expression functions
    • Designer-friendly page development
    • Creating component libraries

    Read the tutorial at IBM developerworks HERE