• Ever since Vitalik Buterin and Ethereum settled on Switzerland for its Foundation and Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Switzerland has been popular among blockchain-based businesses and is considered the number one in a list of the top 10 European countries for starting a blockchain company (source

    PwC also found that ICO volume reached new record highs in the first half of 2018 ($13.7 Billion so far), already doubling the volume of the previous year! That inspired me a way to compare at the same time the volume, the categories and amount raised for all these ICO in an interactive and fun way.

    Thanks to D3js library and the development was done in a new record time! but let me present the results for the most blockchain-friendly countries Switzerland – Russia – Singapore – USA - Estonia - Germany

    You can explore all charts by zoomingpanning and hovering over each bubble. Note that I did only consider ICO which are ended, most countries have a consequent number of ongoing ICO (more than 60 ICO ongoing in Switzerland!).

    Feedback is always welcome, use comments or ping me your remarks.

  •  This new rendering will allow you to better compare countries

    The rendering being dynamic you can also pass some parameters like

    The default size is width=450&height=450

    Filter by year ico end. e.g all ico ended in 2017 

    Filter by category and year 

    And more

    • ICO with no raised amount is also displayed now.
    • ICO webpage has been added
    • Text in bubble scale now properly and are always centered



  • Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the way companies raise capital but at the same time are bringing their own sets of challenges. To ensure that your startup will go through that (ad)venture in a safe manner, you should always adhere to best security practices, for your company AND your investors. 

    This mind map will present you in a visual way lots of valuable information like:

    • A compilation of the most dangerous threats to the ICO industry and how to mitigate,
    • A set of best practices to protect your ICO from hackers,

    Due to the nature of the ever-changing ICO landscape and the never-ending hackers creativity, this document will ALWAYS be a work in progress. I will continue extending it for the years to come, as long as there are interest and a value for the Blockchain community.

    Feel free in comments to give me your feedback :-)