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  • from Problem No 1 Shipping
    Shipping to France would be:
    Freight: US$ 135/cbm x 3.5 cbm =US$ 472.50
    Document fee US$ 10/shipment =US$ 10.00
    Trucking to Jakarta Port & Custom =US$ 95.00
    Wooden crating box =US$ 100.00
    Total shipping cost US$ 677.50. ( not doot to door service).

    Figures still missing:
    - other costs (bringing the vespa from the nearest port to your door's home),
    - french import duty, I assume at least 25% :-(
    - any import policy.

    The person I've discussed with has been shipping some scooter to USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Portugal and Norway.
    At the end it's only money problem....

    Problem No 2 insurance and papers
    In order to drive or even insured these beautiful vehicles, we need some legal papers.
    I've contact the FFVE (La Fédération Française des Véhicules d'Epoque):
    "Your vehicle must be older than 25 years in order to be elligible for a "carte grise de collection" We need also the vehicle indonesian papers (translate by an authorized person = 100$ or more), and the formular 846Agiven by the border authority. Add to this a free formular and
    your reglement 45 euro"

    more soon...