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  • Littlebigplanet2-boxart

    Oh Yes end of year is near, and the best game for the PS3 is back again: Little Big Planet 2

    I already did reserved mine and you?

    My Playstation Network  ID is MagicianLord see you soon in the GAME!

    Available 8 January, 2011 USA andEurope on 19 January 2011







    The Creatinator

    The Creatinator is a handy new power-up that lets you launch all kinds of useful objects – from water to fight fires to supercharged rockets

    The Grabinator

  • sony_playstation_ps3

    I should be able to play with it starting on 22 October 2008 :-)


  • All in all, there are 48 trophies (PS3 reward system) for Little Big Planet


    Platinum Trophy

    • Earn all LittleBigPlanet trophies to unlock this platinum trophy

    Gold Trophies

    • Play - Complete all story levels without dying, with the exception of those levels that only end when you die
    • Create - A level you published was hearted by 50 or more people and you were hearted by 30 or more people
    • Share - Play 150 community levels, tag 50 community levels and heart 10 community levels

    Silver Trophies

    • Just Beginning - Complete all the main path story levels
    • 20X Multiplier! - Get a 20X Multiplier
    • Hi Score - Collect 1,000,000 points over all levels you have played
    • Booty Master - Collect all the prize bubbles on the story levels
    • Dr Frankenstein - Create a living creature with at least 2 eyes, 2 legs or wheels, and a brain
    • Crowd Pleaser - A level you published was played by 50 or more people
    • Feel the Love - A level you published was hearted by 10 or more people
    • Celebrity - You were hearted by 5 or more people as a player

    Bronze Trophies

    • The Gardens - Complete all levels in The Gardens
    • The Savannah - Complete all levels in The Savannah
    • The Wedding - Complete all levels in The Wedding
    • The Canyon - Complete all levels in The Canyon
    • The Metropolis - Complete all levels in The Metropolis
    • The Islands - Complete all levels in The Islands
    • The Temples - Complete all levels in The Temples
    • Expert Creator - Complete all levels in the tutorials
    • Artist - Place a sticker
    • Homemaker - Place 10 stickers or decorations in your pod
    • Fashion Sense - Choose a costume for your sack person with at least one item on your head, at least one item on your body, and a material
    • Forager - Collect 25% of the prize bubbles on the story levels
    • Sticky Fingers - Collect 50% of the prize bubbles on the story levels
    • Treasure Hunter - Collect 75% of the prize bubbles on the story levels
    • 2X Multiplier! - Get a 2X Multiplier
    • 8X Multiplier! - Get a 8X Multiplier
    • Incredible Speed! - Travel at incredible speed
    • Incredible Height! - Travel to an incredible height
    • Friendly - Complete a level with more than one player
    • Party Person - Complete a level online with 3 other players who are on your friends list
    • Socialite - Complete a level online with 3 other players who are not on your friends list
    • Top of the Class - Win a 4-player game
    • Traveler - Complete a community level
    • FIRST! - Be among the first 10 people to complete a community level
    • Opinionated - Tag a community level
    • Neighborhood - Watch Heart 5 community levels
    • Networking - Heart 3 authors
    • Talkative - Post a comment on a community level
    • Creator - Build and save a level with the thermometer more than 30% full
    • Team Creator - Build and save a level with more than one player with the thermometer more than 30% full
    • Publisher - Publish a level
    • Look What I Made! - A level you published was played by 5 or more people
    • (Hidden) Trendsetter - Place a sticker or a decoration on another player&8217;s sackperson
    • (Hidden) Cranium Collector - Kill 100 Creatures across all levels
    • (Hidden) Secret Stickerist - Unlock the race in First Steps
    • (Hidden) Sackbird - Spend 8 seconds or more in the air
  • sony_playstation_ps3

    Little Big Planet wallpaper and game insight I've never seen before...
    All credit to their authors,

    UPDATE: original size of wallpaper now online, were reduced previously during the transfer.

    Attention: for broadband user only, 14 MB of pictures

    2lvmule sackboy_lbp

    1221_0008 13-LittleBigPlanet
    little_big1 LittleBigPlanet_401

    ps3bg-lbp2 logostor 

    9234_little_big_planet-orig 14548_little_big_planet-v2

  • sony_playstation_ps3

    The LittleBigPlanet experience starts with players learning about their character’s powers to interact physically with the environment. There are obstacles to explore, bits and pieces to collect and puzzles to solve – requiring a combination of brains and collaborative teamwork. As players begin to explore, their creative skills will grow and they will be ready to start creating and modifying their surroundings – the first step to sharing them with the whole community. Characters have the power to move anything in this glued and stitched-together landscape; they have the power to design, shape and build both objects and entire locations for others to play. Players can make their world as open or as secretive to explore as they like. When it’s ready, they can invite anyone within the LittleBigPlanet community to come and explore their patch – or can go and explore everybody else’s.


    I love these open world type creation games and Little Big Planet will be a success on PS3. I don't see how people can't like this game. It is awesome! It has a fully customisable environment and a character you can outfit as your own. And the backgrounds are just lovely.

    Gamespothas a review based on what has been seen at E3

    2 HD video

    More video but of poor quality at YouTube:
  • little.big.planet.2

    My favorite game of ALL time on PlayStation 3 (my PS3 nickname is MagicianLord) is coming soon in a new version

    LittleBigPlanet 2

    Simply put the most creative game ever made since Mario Bros!  so big that users have create 2 MILLIONS levels!!!!

    Watch the online trailer

    Sackbots, Cinematic tools, New game play modes for creating your own in games!!!!

    Watch more trailer at Youtube dedicated page

    Official site with all new functionalities described at

    And finally dont forget to read also all my previous articles on Little Big Planet!

  • sony_playstation_ps3

    With an emphasis on Sackboy...

    Don't forget to visit also the official site

  • sony_playstation_ps3

    The latest video from Sony Gamers' Day 08 showing more insight of the game...

  • Happiest I am currently playing a lot with Little Big Planet, you can find me there with my
    PSN ID:


    PSN ID is a reference to ELTA the last Magician Lord in the 1991 SNK game

    In between...

    For all of you wanting to learn how to create better levels, Sony has started a new site LittleBigWorkshop
    LittleBigWorkshop is your personal creative canvas to inspire ingenuity, creative synergy, or for those of you
    who are just curious.&160;

    Want to customize your SackBoy? then head to This Little Big Planet
    site which lets you create your own little SackBoy

    Also new costumes are coming (unfortunately from $0.99 to $1.99)


    Hope someone will one day reverse engineered the server protocol to see also different content (good or bad the
    world shall not be controlled too much)

  • Space station 42By Santana03

    Dinosaurs Island 2By Feistyfrog

    Robot TownBy jump_button&160;

    Metal RevolutionBy Blorf

    Ruins of the Roller[JPN]By O-tera

    &160;&8220;karakuri chochin yashiki&8221; [JPN]By TOUKi555

  • NGXG_logo

    NEOGEO X GOLD ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM Announced for Worldwide Distribution

    Tommo Inc. sets release date and price for revolutionary gaming "system within a system"

    Los Angeles, Calif. - August 13, 2012 -Tommo, Inc., in partnership with SNK PLAYMORE, today confirmed that the NEOGEO X GOLD entertainment system is scheduled for a worldwide release this December. Following the 20th anniversary of the ground breaking NEOGEO AES console, the NEOGEO X GOLD entertainment system provides players with all of the features of a home arcade and the convenience of a handheld gaming device. The NEOGEO X GOLDentertainment system is set for a worldwide release on December 6, 2012 for a suggested retail price of $199.99 (USD).

    The NEOGEO X GOLD entertainment system comes complete with the NEOGEO X Station, the NEOGEO X Handheld with 20 pre-loaded NEOGEO classic titles, and the NEOGEO X Joystick. In addition to coming pre-loaded with 20 NEOGEO classic titles, the NEOGEO X Handheld device features a crisp 4.3" LCD display, an expandable game card slot, internal stereo speakers, and a 3.5mm headphone jack for a personal gaming experience you can take anywhere. The NEOGEO X Handheld device works with the NEOGEO X Joystick and NEOGEO X Station to charge the handheld device and transfer the action directly to a television set or monitor, viaHDMI or A/V out, for a true arcade experience right at home.


    The full list of NEOGEO X Handheld pre-installed games is as follows:

    1. 3 COUNT BOUT
    9. CYBER LIP
    10. NAM 1975
    11. FATAL FURY
    12. PUZZLED

    "Great game consoles don't die; they're just reborn in much more affordable and convenient packages," said Tommo CEO Jonathan Wan. "The NEOGEO X GOLD is a love letter to one of my favorite consoles of all time, and working with SNK PLAYMORE to acquire the NEOGEO license, Tommo Inc. looks to provide gaming and entertainment enthusiasts with a classic arcade experience both at home and on the go."

    Distribution of the NEOGEO X GOLD entertainment system for European and Asian territories will be handled exclusively by BLAZE and Success Company. North American distribution of the NEOGEO X GOLD entertainment system will be handled exclusively by Tommo, Inc..

    For the latest news as it is released, and for additional information regarding theNEOGEO X GOLD entertainment system, please visit:



    Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION (SNK) develops, publishes and distributes interactive entertainment software in Japan, North America, Europe and Asia. Founded in 1978, SNK is one of the largest privately held interactive entertainment content providers in the world.

    Known for such franchises as THE KING OF FIGHTERS, METAL SLUG, and SAMURAI SHODOWN SNK continues to be an industry leader by focusing on their rich arcade history. More information on SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION can be found at SNK PLAYMORE USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION.

    About Tommo, Inc.:

    tommo logo

    With over 20 years of experience in logistics and sales, a knowledgeable staff and sales representatives available nationwide, Tommo Inc. is one of North America's largest distributors of video gaming merchandises. Founded in 1989, Tommo has grown from a wholesaler of imported video games to becoming one of the nation's main suppliers of video gaming content to national retail chain stores as well as independent retailers.

    About BLAZE:
    Founded by Jason Cooper over 20 years ago, BLAZE now specializes in the creation and distribution of retro gaming devices. BLAZE currently distribute SEGA and ATARI branded consoles and, in Q1 2012, are set to release the "Gamegadget" games console, billed as the "iPod for games"

    About Success Company:
    Based in Hong Kong, Success Company are specialists in the distribution of all video games formats throughout the Asian region.


    © SNK PLAYMORE "NEOGEO" is a registered trademark of SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION. Used under license from SNK PLAYMORE USA CORPORATION.

  • This game console is part of my growing collection of vintage gaming system, so don’t forget to visit the tag vintagegaming to not miss any items. I don’t sell anything but you can contact me for donating/selling me missing items. This page will be continually edited if I add new items to my collection.


    Price paid: 20€ for 2 NES, cables, power, 1 Zapper Gun, 4 games






    The Nintendo Entertainment System (abbreviated to NES or Nintendo) is an 8-bit video game console that was released by Nintendo in North America, Europe and Australia in 1985. In most of Asia, including Japan (where it was first launched in1983), China, Vietnam, Singapore, Middle East and Hong Kong, it was released as the Family Computer (ファミリーコンピュータ Famirī Konpyūta?), commonly abbreviated as the Famicom. [Wikipedia]

    The NES Zapper

    a light gun accessory, as new

    IMG_3061 IMG_3062


    There is 798 games available


    I own




    Super Mario playable

  • A very very good news for all Little Big Planet (LBP) fans: Official Sackboy plush are available at 20$ for a set of 2, 6 inch tall.



    Little Big Planet 6" Plush 2 pack - SackGirl/SackBoyalt



    Little Big Planet 6" Plush 2 pack - Marvin/VooDooalt

    Little Big Planet 6" Plush 2 pack - Sky/Gloriaalt

  • I've translate the user interface into french of a Linux scrabble version. The game is relatively slow when it load the dictionnary at each start (but the windows version is fast, but  the author will correct this problem).   versions can be download here.
    I will soon prepare a ready to install package for Linux (simply decompress in a directory) with all settings and a working french dictionnary. :-)

  • zelda-classic1&160;zelda-classic2

    Zelda Classic is a tribute to the greatest video game of all time: Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda. It has been developed into an exact replica of the NES version that we all know and love. Beyond that, Zelda Classic allows the development of new quests that can use either the traditional graphics or enhanced graphics, as well as new enemies, items, and challenges. Though it was started as a basic Legend of Zelda clone by programmer Phantom Menace in April of 1999, Zelda Classic has grown into something much bigger in the past few years. A full LOZ replica was achieved by June of 2000, with Zelda Classic version 1.84, but the story didn't end there. Although Phantom Menace moved on to other projects, Fans of Zelda Classic wanted more. Fast forward to after about a year of searching for a new programmer, when Dark Nation comes to Armageddon Games, and breathes new life into what seemed like a dying beast. Within weeks, a new version of Zelda Classic is released, and it's popularity soars.

    DOWNLOAD HERE (v 2.50)