In electronic systems and computing, firmware is the combination of persistent memory and program code and data stored in it. [read more at]

  • Canon_EOS_7D

    Firmware Version 1.0.9 incorporates the following fixes.

    1. Improves AF accuracy during Live View shooting.
    2. Corrects a phenomenon where in rare instances, movie images shot by the camera may exhibit abnormal colors.
    3. Corrects a phenomenon that at certain timings, the shutter cannot be released when the camera's built-in flash or an external Speedlite is used for shooting.

    Firmware Version 1.0.9 is for cameras with firmware up to version 1.0.8. If the camera's firmware is already version 1.0.9, it is not necessary to update the firmware.

    For details on Firmware Version 1.0.9, please download the PDF files from the bottom of this page.

  • jailbreak  Apple iOS 4.1 is live for Iphone 4, 3GS, IPod Touch 2G and 3G, time to jailbreak :-)


    1. Download and install the latest version of iTunes 10
    2. Use CYDIA AptBackUp  to also save your "non approved apps", When you next back up your iPhone up with iTunes this application create a list that is backed up as well. So next time you have to restore or upgrade you restore from ITunes install AptBackUp and CYDIA will install all the apps/mods on the list.
    3. Start iTunes and sync your iPhone to save all your data
    4. Download Sn0wbreeze and the original iOS 4.1 firmware files for your version of iPhone/iPod
    5. Only the 1.8beta support iOS 4.1 download here
    6. Start Sn0wbreeze and select “Simple Mode”, browse for your .ipsw file, “Do you want to activate your iPhone?” NO,it create the custom .ipsw
    7. Restore your iPhone wit that custom firmware (latest iOS with old baseband :-)), click SHIFT then on restore, locate file and wait...wait
    8. When you have latest firmware, just restore your data using the backup done previously at point 2
    9. Run CYDIA to install AptBackUp again
    10. Run AptBackUp and click restore to get all your non approved applications back!

    iOS 4.1 Software Update

    This update contains improvements, including the following:

    • Game Center
      • Send and receive friend request
      • Invite friends to multi-player games over the Internet
      • Play multi-player games by auto-matching with other players
      • View Leader boards and Achievements
      • Discover new games from friends
    • High dynamic range (HDR) photos on iPhone 4
    • Support for TV show rentals on iTunes
    • Ability to upload HD videos to YouTube and Mobile Me over Wi-Fi on iPhone 4
    • Additional support for AVRCP-supported accessories,  including next & previous track control
    • Face Time calling directly from Favorites
    • Bug fixes, including:
      • iPhone 4 proximity sensor performance
      • iPhone 3G performance
      • Nike+iPod fixes
      • Bluetooth improvements
    • Products compatible with this software update:
      • iPhone 4
      • iPhone 3GS
      • iPhone 3G
      • iPod touch 2nd generation, or later

    Game Center requires iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 2nd generation or later.

  • In this post, I will show you how to bring an old webcam of 2000 back to life for the latest iterations of Windows Vista/Seven by injecting the firmware of another webcam into it.

    Philips Webcam ToUcam Pro -  PCVC740K

    Year 2000
    Philips Webcam SPC900NC VGA CCD with Pixel Plus

    Year 2008
    pcvc720k_40_tlf_ spc900nc_27_rtv_

    If you read the Philips Support FAQ

    You will end up with this laconic text: “There are no Vista drivers available for this product due to the product’s age.”

    Although there is an alternate way, that only work with Windows Vista, the solution I propose you is to just make the driver think that it has another webcam plugged in! This work since the reality is that most webcam out there have seen no big hardware changes since many many years. (except packaging/prize and blinking led)

    DISCLAIMER !!! I'm not responsible for damages you could cause to your webcam because of errors in realizing the described firmware upgrade...



    Success story

    The following webcam got converted successfully:

    • 1 webcam PCVC840K converted into SPC900NC
    • 2 webcam PCVC740K converted into SPC900NC

    The following failed but I was able to recover from the saved firmware:

    • Philips PCVC680 USB VGA Camera; Video

    Contact me if you successfully convert your webcam.

    How to

    You need an Operating system that is still able to recognize your webcam. Most of Philips webcams which are discontinued, and refuse to work under Vista/Seven were working under windows XP. So try to get an access to and old PC running that OS. Lucky owner of Windows 7 professional/Ultimate are able to use “Windows XP mode”.

    Download the software WCRMAC here and install it.

    WcRmac allows some internal memory modifications of web cams based on the Philips SAA8115 / 8116 camera chips. That are usually cameras with a 640x480 CCD sensor (various brands).

    Connect the webcam under windows XP, and install eventually the required drivers. At that point you must be to see the webcam and get an image in windows explorer. Leave the webcam running in the background.

    Download the latest firmware of the latest Philips webcam flagship SPC900NC here and copy this file under  the directory

    • C:\Program Files\TWIRG\WcRmac\binary\8116 

    Start WCRMAC and connect the webcam by selecting it under the menu “webcam”


    Now get to the tab “binaries” and click ''Get current and save as” to make a copy of the existing firmware to disk. Now select the latest firmware in the list spc900nc.bin and click on the button “load”

    Now the webcam should be recognized under Windows vista/ seven (even 64 bits)! It will have all the software goodies of the latest of the latest webcam: faces detection, anti flickering, up to 90 frame per seconds!




  • sony_playstation_ps3

    Also worth mentioning is a hidden recovery menu that can be access if you press the power button long enough to hear 3 continuous beep. This hidden menu is for all user that are no more able to boot their PS3 after an unsuccessful firmware update


    My favorite new functionality being the scene search stills during video playback, fast and very useful, it tell the ps3 to make screen shots every minutes and display it as thumbnail.

    EXIF (exchangeable image file format) metadata can now be viewed during pictures playback. A solid update before getting Home and Little Big Planet...


    From the Official Playstation Blog

    PSP (v5.00) update

    Let’s start with the v5.00 update for PSP. In this version, you’ll notice the addition of the PlayStation Network icon on the XMB. You can now sign up for PlayStation Network, manage your account and access PlayStation Store directly from your PSP - meaning you can download games directly to your PSP while connected via Wi-Fi. Getting games, demos and trailers while on-the-go has never been easier! Check out the screen below.

    The current PlayStation Store on the PC will be down in the interim as we take some time to revamp. Don’t worry, it will re-launch soon after we’ve made some tweaks. Please keep in mind, if you already have a PlayStation Network account, simply sign in on your PSP using your existing information. The same account and wallet can be used on PS3 and PSP. You will be able to check out the PlayStation Store on the PSP soon, as we’ll have a video demo featuring Grace Chen posted soon on the Blog.


    Update v5.00 adds a sleep timer option that can be used while you are playing music on your PSP. In addition, we’ve added a full screen keyboard option for text entry and have redesigned the background of the XMB. You’ll be able to find all of the information on Firmware v5.00 here once it goes live.
    PS3 (v2.50) update

    Now on to the PS3 v2.50 update. The latest features/enhancements include:

    * Support for the PS3 Official Bluetooth Headset - we’ve told you about the upcoming Bluetooth Headset and SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation Bundle on the Blog. This latest firmware installment enables High-Quality (HQ) mode, which delivers clear and wide-band online voice chat. On top of that, an added on-screen indicator shows battery status, volume level and use of HQ mode.
    * PlayStation Trophies interface enhancements - I know that many of you are busy collecting trophies and raising your PlayStation Trophy level. This update makes sharing and comparing your trophies with your friends even easier. On 1st part of the profile page you’ll see a symbol under level that represents level and the actual percentage towards the next level along with the existing level meter. The level symbol carries over to the trophy comparison screen where you will now be able to see your level, your friend’s level and the percentage towards the next level for both users along with all of the game by game comparison information you see today.
    * Friend status – Offline friends on your Friends list will have information below their avatars that will indicate how long it has been since they were last online.
    * Video – This update adds the Scene Search feature similar to the feature on the PSP. Activating this feature while viewing a video on the PS3 will break the video up into scenes that you can quickly access by pressing the X button. You can break the videos into one, two or five minute intervals. In addition, you can now choose to have all of the videos under the video section of the XMB play in sequence. Go to Settings then Video Settings to turn this option on.
    * PlayStation Store – We’ve added a redeem codes option right on the store to make it easier to redeem your PlayStation Network Cards and promotion codes. In addition, PlayStation Network Sign Up and Account Management have been redesigned.
    * Power Save Settings – You can now set your PS3 and wireless controllers to turn off automatically after set periods of inactivity. Go to Settings then Power Save Settings to turn on these features.
    * Background Downloading - You now have the option to set the PS3 to turn off automatically after a background download or installation of content has completed. This option is available when you turn off the system from the button under [Users] while content is being downloaded or installed.
    * In-game Screenshots - this tool will allow everyone to capture, share and in other words, immortalize their favorite gameplay moments. This will be supported on a game by game basis. Please check back to find out which games will support this feature.
    * In addition to all of the features above there are some additional features and enhancements included in 2.50. Once the update launches, you can read all of the details here.

    The support for the Bluetooth Headset will be of particular interest to all of you SOCOM fans. With the “Proximity Chat” feature, SOCOM: Confrontation gameplay is intensified as it allows you to experience high-quality voice playback in full surround sound. Whether the action is near or far, Proximity Chat clearly matches distance to sound effects and voiceovers within the game, putting you in the heart of the action.

  • sony_playstation_ps3

    MKV / Bittorrent / a better MP3 player that can handle 1000 of songs with album cover... would be also welcome, maybe next time???

  • sony_playstation_ps3

    Sony will deliver a new firmware 2.0 on 23rd march 2007, which will improve PS1 compatibility.
    Phil Harisson also present below the new "Home" feature that should come later this year.

  • sony_playstation_ps3

    Here is a rundown of exactly what you can enjoy today by updating your playstation 3 to the latest firmware.

    • Menu includes "eject disk"
    • Triangle button ejects games/CDs/movies in the XMB
    • XMB backgrounds
    • Change the folder classification
    • Emoticons
    • Change CD output to 44.1/88.2/176.4kHz
    • Force 24Hz output for Blu-ray over HDMI
    • Change PS3 video settings in-game
    • "Bit Mapping" in the "Music Setting"
    • Change settings like upscaling while playing PS and PS2 games
    • Add bookmarks
    • Web browser security function in the browser's tool section
    • Avatar moves during audio visual chat
    If You are hunting for some good quality wallpapers in 1080p, look at this list


  • sony_playstation_ps3
  • As state by
    The hack is a modified firmware of the (original) Xbox Samsung SDG-605B/616T/616F DVD-ROM drive.
    As you (should) know, all Xbox executables (XBE files) are signed by Microsoft (with a private key only MS has). This means that if you try to change anything to the XBE file, the signature will be wrong and the file will not boot.
    You will need to combine this hack with
    • KeyDrive Xtractor/Patcher: tool that will allow you to easily extract and write the unique DVD key to/from an Xbox 360 DVD firmware file (so no need to hex-edit it manually anymore)...
    You will then be able to copy genuine game DVD and fake the system with using self burned DVD. Great but not as great as seing Linux booting on it ;-)