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  • All my latest blue screens of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits, 48 inches of blue wallpapers :-)

    The Blue Screen of Death (officially known as Stop error, also known as BSoD, bluescreen, or Blue Screen of Doom) is a colloquialism used for the error screen displayed by some operating systems, most notably Microsoft Windows, after encountering a critical system error that can cause the system to shut down to prevent irreversible damage to its integrity. It serves to present information for diagnostic purposes that was collected as the operating system issued a bug check. [WikiPedia]

    23 Juli 2010  MEMORY_MANAGEMENT blue screen of death

    00.windows7.x64.23.07.2010 01.windows7.x64.23.07.2010 02.windows7.x64.23.07.2010

    20 June 2010 KERNEL_DATA_IN_PAGE_ERROR blue screen of death


    16 June 2010 UNKNOW blue screen of death

    00.windows7.x64.16.06.2010 01.windows7.x64.16.06.2010 02.windows7.x64.16.06.2010 03.windows7.x64.16.06.2010


    8 June 2010 BAD_POOL_CALLER blue screen of death

    00.windows7.x64.8.06.2010 01.windows7.x64.8.06.2010 03.windows7.x64.8.06.2010

    Do i get more and more blue screens?

    YES, the first 5 months none, (installed Windows 7 in november 2009), now i get some…2 per months, maybe it’s time to reinstall the whole operating system :-)

    Would I still recommend Windows 7  64 bits?

    Yes still,  if you want to start Eclipse with 2GB of RAM, you have no other choice! except switching to Linux or Mac :-)

  • The Oracle error ORA-00054 can be solved by executing as DBA the following query

    select p.spid,s.sid,s.serial#,s.username,s.status,s.last_call_et,
           V$process p,V$session s 
           s.paddr = p.addr and s.status = &39;ACTIVE&39; and 
           s.username not like &39;%SYS%&39;;

    This will return the PID of the hanging process

    You can then SSH to the server ruining oracle and kill the process

    kill -9 PID