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  • A source of belt on ebay

    Pour la monter, il faut démonter la flasque mobile de la seconde poulie, facile si vous fabriquer un outil pour comprimmer le ressort.
    Voici une autre référence si vous pouvez en trouver: CONT_VARIFLEX W16x0560

    muellerwug ( 250Sternchen) KEILRIEMEN FüR DKW HOBBY ROLLER
    22mm X 8.5mm X 570mm


  • kyosho_caliber_30

    Actually on ebay.com

  • At SD Forum 2006, Randy Shoup and Dan Pritchett, both with eBay, gave a presentation on eBay's architecture. Pritchett subsequently posted his presentation slides in his blog, The eBay Architecture.
    Predictably, the presentation contained a few inspiring statistics, such as:
    • 15,000 application instances running in eight data centers
    • 212,000,000 registered users
    • 1 billion page views per day
    • 26 billion SQL queries and updates per day
    • Over 2 petabytes of data
    • $1,590 worth of goods traded per second
    • Over 1 billion photos
    • 7 languages
    • 99.94% uptime

    Other stats in the presentation related to development process and features, such as:

  • Over 300 new features released each quarter
  • Over 100,000 lines of code released every two weeks

"According to the presentation, the goal of eBay's current architecture is to handle an additional ten-fold increase in traffic, something eBay expects to reach within a few short years. Another architecture objective is to be able to handle peak loads, and for components to gracefully degrade under unusual load or in the case of system failures." read more  HERE


  • What's funny is that we are using the same brand at the office, and that in the past, i would have done the same because of........ sorry no name ;-)

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