In geography, a confluence is the meeting of two or more bodies of water. Also known as a conflux, it refers either to the point where a tributary joins a larger river, called the main stem, or where two streams meet to become the source of a river of a new name, such as the confluence of the Monongahela and Allegheny rivers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania creating the Ohio River. read more at WikiPedia

  • Receive this today in my mailbox, sound like a great offer to me! and since they have offered me an enterprise open source license, I feel I need to give the good word:


    JIRA & Confluence for only $5 each!

    While you may still be evaluating an Atlassian product, we have a special announcement. This week, we're offering 5-user licenses of JIRA and Confluence for only $5 each. We're calling it the Atlassian Stimulus Package and it's our way of supporting small teams and small businesses in this difficult economic environment. Best of all, we're going to donate every penny to charity!

    There is no catch and no strings attached. You'll get fully functional, supported copies of JIRA and Confluence for only $5 each. After a year, you can renew support and maintenance of your license for just $5.

    The Atlassian Foundation is donating all proceeds to Room to Read (, a charity that helps the world's future entrepreneurs by building libraries and schools for children in developing nations.

    Get all the details Hurry, offer ends in just a few days!


    The Atlassians