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  • Huuu I am getting old... I was 10 years old...

    CP, Photo de classe de 1983

    and here 9 years old

    Primaire, Photo de classe de 1982

  • The last 3 weeks were taking me a lot of power and stress. I move into Zürich to a new appartment.

    Let me explain why., In fact the old appartment was a real disaster: noisy, never cleaned by the owner, the garden was never mowed, the wood ground was making so much noise that I was not entering in 2 rooms. It was so terrible that I was thinking going to the police.

    I can reveal You the adress now: Birmensdorferstrasse 394. The owner was a bitch and there is every yeara lot of move in that building...

    Old flat
    new Flat
    1 floor
    2 floor
    67 m^2
    3 rooms
    3.5 rooms
    2 trams line and 4 street ways (2 up and 2 down)
    One direction street way with one bus line
    never cleaned (and nobody complains in the building)
    tiptop clean, beautiful garden and parc in the area...
    floor making such a noise and moving (sic!)
    when a neighbour was walking in the next room!!!
    perfect floor
    1650 CHF (1057euro)
    1800CHF per months (1152euro)

    i prepare nearly 60 cartons (32m^3 ), and thanks to 4 friends, it took us only 8 hours of hard work last satursday and this under 34"C...
    My file server is still not online but the majorities of things are now in place. I took the time 5 minutes ago to commit the latest code of opencomment beta1 (admin panel mainly functionnal), but installer has to be polished, and securityimages 4.0.0, which is now able to support an unlimited number of captcha challenge on the same page.

    For any questions related to my components, I suggest ou to use the new forums (powered by simplemachine). You can  expect in the next few weeks a lot of update and content on waltercedric.com as I will have 2 weeks of hollidays at the end of august.

    Currently, I am looking for a projections screen: dalite, cinescreen (stewart are too pricey in 300x 169cm).

    The contact page is working NOW, but please also use the forum, if You think that Your question may also help others (help the community :-)).
    Thanks You for visiting my homepage.