Australia /ɒˈstreɪliə/, /ə-/, or colloquially /-jə/, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is an Oceanian country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands. read more at WikiPedia

  •  I wont be able to browse my forum, or respond to any emails inquiries from 4 december 2007 to 16 January 2008, as I will be at the end of the world in Australia. I will carry a lot of gadget stuff with me (GPS, camera and camcorder), in order to be able to map all pictures taken and video on Google Map / Google Earth . So You will have enough to browse beginning of  next year.

    Below You can find the detailled planning of my trip, so you can imagine yourself where I am week per week. Australia is so big, (14 times the size of France), that I am forced to take airplanes (4 companies: Singapour Airlines, Quantas, Virgin Blue and Cathay Pacific)  from city to city....

    Monday     Tuesday     Wed. 5   Thursday 6   Friday 7   Saturday 8   Sunday 9    
          from      Arriving                               
          Zurich 14:00   Sydney
        to      7h10                              
          Francfort             sydney     sydney     blue mountains   and around  
    Monday 10   Tuesday 11   Wed. 12   Thursday 13   Friday 14   Saturday 15   Sunday 16    
                          Sydney Melbourne                  
      as far as I can go around Sydney                                        
    Monday 17   Tuesday 18   Wed. 19   Thursday 20   Friday 21   Saturday 22   Sunday 23    
          cancelled                                 Adelaide 15:55
    961km 13h         Adelaide     Kangaroo island  Adelaide      
                Great ocean
    road by car
                                            Sydney 18:20
    Monday 24   Tuesday 25   Wed. 26   Thursday 27   Friday 28   Saturday 29   Sunday 30    
    Sydney     From                                 From  
      Christmas   Sydney 8:55             1100km- 14h                 hobart 16:40  
      familly                 Tasmania                      
          to                                  To  
                                    Sydney 18:30  
    Monday 31                                        
    Monday 1   Tuesday 2   Wed. 3   Thursday 4   Friday 5   Saturday 6   Sunday      
    Sydney   From                   from                  
      New Year Sydney 9:55                   alice sp 8:40        738km          
      familly          Alice Spring   Ayers Rocks Kings
      Darwin   kakadu Katherine
        to                   to                  
        Alice Spring 11h40                 darwin 10:35                  
    Monday 7   Tuesday 8   Wed. 9   Thursday 10   Friday 11   Saturday 12   Sunday 13    
    from                                       from  
    darwin 7:00                                     cairns 18:10  
        Cairns   Reef barier   rain forest     around      outback     Islands     City      
    to                                       to  
    Cairns 9:55                                       sydney 22:10  
    Monday 14   Tuesday 15                                  
          8h30 airport                                  
      Dayoff   Sydney ->
    Singapore ->
    Francfort -> Zürich
  • I wont be able to  update my internet page
    from beginning of december to 15 january
    as I will be in Australia,  Tasmania and
    New Zealand (7 weeks in total)

    Help by the famous "Lonely Planet Australia", my foot
    will held me to the most famous beautiful place.

    I will of course have a lot of pictures and video to
    share with  all of You.

    Before this event I will try to deliver new Joomla!
    components versions based on your feedback.
  • depart 06.12.2007, retour 15.01.2008
  •    Discover tasmania 

    • Pictures were taken with a Canon G9, 12MP in Fine mode (4000*3000 pixels), so they are huge (2 to 5MB) but with no quality loss. A web version is available in the web page for better viewing.
    • I do not publish any pictures containing persons that can be recognized. If you were on tour with me that day, contact me here, and I will send you these personal pictures.

    348 pictures (at 1600 x 1200 pixels but 4000 x 3000 pixels are available on request) in 18 categories are online.  I did drive 1550 km in 5 days, 6 hours per days. Videos will follow as soon as I can manage to put HD AVCHD in a viewable format (size, speed, bandwidth)

    Cradle Mountain
    Hellyer Gorge
    Lake Burbury
    Lake St Clair
    Moulting Lagoon
    New Norfolk


    Dont forget to visit also my gallery

    More to come soon... 

  • I am back online (leave yesterday Sydney at 10:00AM GMT+10 so 12:00AM for all of my european reader at GMT+1)!

    My trip in Australia is finished...

    • 3'200 km driven in 3 cars (around Tasmania and Adelaide), that mean more than 30 hours in a car
    • 4'000 km in bus, or 40 hours at leat doing daily or 2 days tours
    • 10'950 km with8 internal flights   (Sydney -> Melbourne, Adelaide -> Sydney, Sydney -> Hobart, Hobart -> Sydney, Sydney ->Alice springs, Alice springs -> Darwin, Darwin -> Cairns, Cairns -> Sydney)
    • 32'026 km with4 international flightsacross oceans and countries (Frankfurt <-> Singapore <-> Sydney), was 14 hours in the latest Airbus A380 and 26 hours in a Boeing 777-300ER
    • 800 km by train(Zürich - Basel - Frankfurt airport - Basel - Zürich)
    • 1528 picturestaken at 12 Mpixels with my Canon G9
    • 76Gb of AVCHD video taken at 1080i (1038 clips) with my Sony SR8
    • 600 kb of GPS metadata

    and I am VERY tired...
  • I am in the process of moving my gallery from gallery2 to

    This has some advantages,

    •  Better bandwidth,
    • No security update to do,
    • Google picasa integration,
    • Unlimited space storage,
    • Some very nice themes using ajax.
    • Keyword tagging for searching and categorization of photos.
    • Enables Google Maps integration for photos with GPS.
    • Decentralized storage for  my pictures (60%, or 100 terabytes, of photos are stored on the Amazon S3 service), and
    • The ability to propose them in 4000  * 3000 pixels (gallery2 and GD were having problem, mainly memory issues).

    Anyway, I have 14 days to test this new gallery. In between, you can enjoy it as well and report me any issues you may encounter.

    Browse my gallery by keyword

    Ive tried but was not happy with their user interface...


    An overview of my future trip in Tasmania

    Flight  Sydney - Hobart on monday, then  1100 Km by car and return Hobart - Sydney on sunday

    More details, video and pictures when I come back ;-) 

    In between, I recommend You to visit WikiPediaand/or buy/read Lonely Planet Australia best travel book


  • Tomorrow I will be climbing the bridge of sydney, 134 m above sea, so wish me good luck (the weather  was quite strange in the last 3 days). I will be put my pic online, but for the moment you can watch the gallery here.

    The Bridge Climb is the most sought after Sydney attraction. It takes you along the upper span of the arch on catwalks and ladders all the way to the summit, 134 metres above Sydney Harbour.
    The steady incline leaves you free to focus your attention on your Sydney experience, with opportunities for 360 degree views of Sydney, including east to the ocean, west to the mountains and the harbour city surrounds.
    When you reach the top you will have a sense of achievement that you'll remember forever - you've conquered an Australian icon recognised the world over! No other Sydney tourist attraction can give you this feeling of standing at the top of the world, with the Harbour spread before you.
    Until October 1998, this Climb was strictly off-limits to the public. Today, over two million people, including many celebrities, have climbed to the summit making BridgeClimb the leading experience of Sydney and the premier Sydney tourist attraction.

    It take more than 3 hours to do the climb! but it can be done in 20 minutes without looking at the panorama or stopping. You will get numerous stories and explanations from your guide (mine was very funny and was having a lot of joke in his bag)

    You will wear special clothes and not be allowed to take any personal effects (like camera, watch, metal) in order to avoid any objects drop. Dont expect be impressed by the high! path is large (except at the very beginning) and it is more or less like climbing big stairs. Pictures taken are expensive 18$ each.