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  • I will start the auditing of a copy of my website running locally in order to find design and security flaws in Joomla. I have found a quite impressive list of tools to achieve that goal:

    In May of 2003, I conducted a survey of Nmap users from the nmap-hackers mailing list to determine their favorite security tools. Each respondent could list up to 8. This was a followup to the highly successful June 2000 Top 50 list. An astounding 1854 people responded in '03, and their recommendations were so impressive that I have expanded the list to 75 tools! Anyone in the security field would be well advised to go over the list and investigate tools they are unfamiliar with. I discovered several powerful new tools this way.
    I also plan to point newbies to this page whenever they write me saying "I do not know where to start". Respondents were allowed to list open source or commercial tools on any platform. Commercial tools are noted as such in the list below. Many of the descriptions were taken from the application home page or the Debian or Freshmeat package descriptions. I removed marketing fluff like "revolutionary" and "next generation". No votes for the Nmap Security Scanner were counted because the survey was taken on an Nmap mailing list. This audience also means that the list is slightly biased toward "attack" tools rather than defensive ones.

    And that only because I've seing too much hacker trying to penetrate my guy I am also looking at You (logs)I hope You're smart enought to use windows zombie od hiding Your real internet adress! Moreover my finding will help the joomla community....

    Web Site Test Tools and Site Management Tools: More than 290 tools listed in 12 categories