Assembly of the International Space Station (ISS) is about the construction of an Earth-orbiting space station. [read more at]

  • Â Opening the bag...and putting things together...

    Eating candy provided while mounting kit
    Some candy are provided in kit, a nice gift...thanks

    Installing the ventilator: Attention, with the kit of my brother (bought on ) we receive a SANFU radiator with a Paps ventilator mounted on it. After installing everything, we try the system: 65°C and the system reboot (35°C in room) fact the ventilator was extracting air and not pushing fresh air on the radiator. I reversed the air flow and as a result we get 52°C even in BURN mode....(True XP2800+ with an Innovatek cool 3.0)


    Cut the filter

    It will avoid bubble in the system. Do not use any additive
    for avoiding bubble.


    Remove caps before applying artic cooler 3