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  • What would You do, if you were able to play with:
    • 70,000 liters of paint
    • 358 single bottle bombs
    • 33 sextuple air cluster bombs
    • 22 Triple hung cluster bombs
    • 268 mortars
    • 33 Triple Mortars
    • 22 Double mortars
    • 358 meters of weld
    • 330 meters of steel pipe
    • 57 km of copper wire
    • A set of buildings in England.
    Sony know, an that's a great publicity of 70 seconds for their Bravia line of TV.

    Full BRAVIA Paint Ad (70 seconds) click Here.

     The result is a great publicity but also a waste of resources, time and energy. At one point, I was thinking of a computer trick.

    "It took 10 days and 250 people to film. The cleaning took 5 days and 60 people..."
  • This time Apple did not come out with a funny or content that really represent the REALITY. Don’t be fool, this is now just pure advertising (no pc is existing without viruses, big screens and crashes). Come on Apple, your ads were funny in the past

  • I am not a MAC fan (except for their design) , but their Ads are very very creative. Click Read more to see the whole serie.

  • The ones I like? Abroham Lincoln & Grunt Gable Smile are the best for me.

  • A funny video

    "I once saw him (Steve Jobs) try to run over a dog with his car. He missed, but still -- you admire the intention".

  • Were emphasis is put on face detection...the second picture being the most funny (for me)




  • No longer interesting. They need to find something else as it look a bit outdated