Getting all part ready for my own WIFI access point in my Audi R8 Spyder. I did build an Airport express with a Raspberry PI model B+ (require 2 USB dongle: soundcard and WIFI, more on that later) but it is easier to break open an Apple airport express and way more solid&160; Winking smile

If everything run properly I should be able to use an iPAD mini 4 and stream music (Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Tidal) and app sound to the local Airplay WIFI network! Something that is currently not supported well in any car.

Latest Apple Airport Express MC414Z/A , 50€ used (NP: 109€)


Voltage regulator XCSOURCE® 5X DC / DC 4.5-7V à 3.3V AMS1117-3.3V for 4,5€ on


Genuine Audi MMI AMI Jack 3.5 for 18€ on