• Joomla is also a simple dependency in scope compile (productive code and tests need it)
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    Deployed and viewable at

    So binding your code to a new version or old version is as simple as changing in your component pom.xml

    &160;&160;&160; <groupId>org.joomla</groupId>
    &160;&160;&160; <artifactId>joomla</artifactId>
    &160;&160;&160; <version>1.5.10</version>&160;


Delayed Commit (also known as private build). It allows you to run the full build with tests on the server as if you checked in all your changes, but without actually checking in your changes until the build is successful, so you will know if you're about to break the build before you actually break it.


  • Deploy generated artifacts to a Joomla running stage (runtime farms of Joomla!) in order to run integration tests with Selenium
  • Add selenium test cases for testing the GUI, also running “integration tests
  • Packaging is jar, better would be zip or tar.gz
  • Use Phing ( for developer environment, and maybe also deploy to farms
  • Deliver SolarJoomla as soon as PHPDocumentator, PHPUnit, DOxygen are running in XAMPP
  • Publish generated site artifacts' to new sub domains
  • Add reporting plugin.
  • DOCUMENT everything in my WIKI at the same time


Must work also in Atlassian Bamboo, Apache Hudson … I need your help for that, that wont be a huge task.