Joomla! 1.0.5 is now available on the forge for download here. This is a Bug and Security Release, which means it contains fixes for Security Vulnerabilities. It is highly recommend that you upgrade to this version.

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Todo list for securing Your Joomla/Mambo installation against hackers
A lot of Mambo/Joomla site has been hacked last week, since I've already help someone hardening an installation (mambo, I've decide to write a tutorial for the benefit of the open source community... Some steps are common sense while others are not. But:Do not think that doing all steps below will protect You! nothing is secure in the computer world! or not very long...Do not think that after doing all steps below, #Joomla will be as user friendly for …
5180 Days ago
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For "Joe six pack" user to advance users... You only want to use Mambo admin panel- EASIESTYour provider has given You a plesk panel - EASYYour provider only give You a Telnet or ssh access to the server - ADVANCE USERYou want more! - VERY ADVANCE USERI am using the method 4, which isn't more difficult and a lot better, open the script and set the variable according to the internal documentation. Upload the file to the server (not in …
5297 Days ago
Protecting You Mambo admin panel using htaccess
.htaccess files are very versatile, and can easily protect some area of Your Homepage. In the case of Mambo, I am here giving You a way to secure it in less than 5 minutes. …
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