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com_HashCash 1.2.0 released
Whats new:A Real Admin panel New: Text editor for modifying the language file, New: Huge manual with screenshots on how to activate hashcash for Your homepageA more complete About menu with credits and linksNew: Check latest version link to easily check if You have the latest codeA more robust and Object Oriented approachNote this component still require You to install com_log4php before!Download HERE or at #Joomla forgeI will make a break, 1 or 2 days but will then concentrate on …
5102 Days ago
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Hashcash component has protected successfuly my homepage against several attack these past days...(Casino, poker and so on...) Hello Spammer I seing Your server IP in Hashcash logs files... :-) (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and ( Marina Del Rey, California, United States ) and (Marina Del Rey, California, United States)and (Marina Del Rey, California, United States)Next release of hashcash:A correct and well formed XML in logs files ;-)A random security images -> changes in akocomment, easy to do since there …
5308 Days ago
the component hashcash for Mambo is available in it's version 1.0 !!!
What's new:A lot more Object Oriented, I've tried to stabilize the interface, and avoid version breaking -> I reduce the surface of knowledge 3rd party component must have to facilate migration of existing component already using Hashcash.An admin panel.Logs files of activity on Your Site can now be viewed in the admin panel.Configuration is done with the help of panels and tabs, no file to edit.Use of Log4PHP everywhere to make debugging easier.More cryptographic plugins: RSA, MD4For convenient download, I've …
5316 Days ago
User/Developer guide Hashcash1.0
Forcing the spammer to pay the price (computing power) before submitting rubish to Your homepage (in comments or guestbook section for example). The user will have to create a new cryptographic value of a hidden field (Javascript code provided) and that may take 1 to 2 seconds, but may be more with RSA 1024....This also do not allow robot to easily sumbit code without parsing Your HTML page before...User developer guide of the cryptographic component framework for Mambo: com_hashcashA version …
5413 Days ago