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This extension for Joomla  2.5 and Joomla 3.0 allow you to inline a set of images from your favorite online gallery: Smugmug, Flickr, Picasa, Gallery2/Gallery3 and YouTube or any RSS feed in any article.

To update your extension, either download the latest extension packages from the download section of cedphotofeed or update via the Joomla Extensions Update interface.

You can visit also the blog of cedPhotofeed for joomla

What’s New

NEW  Support for RokBox 2.0, use under Rendering “RokBox 2”, instead of “RokBox

NOTE: If you are upgrading from RokBox 1 and you are using the old RokBox syntax, such as {rokbox} or <a rel="rokbox" .., you can enable the Backward Compatibility from both the System and Content plug-in. Be aware that the Backward compatibility can dramatically slow down the loading of your site. It is highly suggested to convert the old syntax into the new one. Starting from cedphotofeed 2.6.3 you can use the Rendering “RokBox 2” and switch off the backward compatibility.

NEW  A new settings in the administrator panel “Force”. This setting is optional, default value is auto detect- If you use custom URL for your hosting library (like instead of, you may want to force the library instead of letting cedPhotoFeed auto detect the right host based on URL. You can either set "Force" = "Yes" in administrator panel system wide or add this optional settings now in every mambot. Here is a axample of a custom URL that use SmugMug:

{rss uri= limit=3 force=Smugmug}

Concerning the size of pictures displayed when using Picasa

Concerning the size of pictures displayed when using Picasa, the max picture size returned by the RSS feed is height="265px" and width="512px", embedded thumbnails being of size

  1. height="38px" width="72px"
  2. height="75px" width="144px"
  3. height="149px" width="288px”

It is not in any way a limitation of cedPhotoFeed!