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A lot of people want to create farms of Xbox to resolve some complex challenges (like Seti at Home, RSA key crack)

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xboxIcon Links Official XBOX site The REFERENCE site, if you visit only one, this MUST be the one! the best, oldest, constantly improved mod chip available.,24330,3420568,00.html XBMP Review at techTV, some video can be download. Host the source code of the project. open-sourced Windows(Win32) port of Xbox Media Center, named Media Portal. All about mods chips in general Avalauch community Team Avalaunch (dashboard) OpenXDK is an Open Source, Free, Legal Xbox Development Kit. OpenXDK is being developed to facilitate hobbyist and "homebrew" coding for the Microsoft XBox.

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Tomshardware has an interesting articles for all XBOX modder which prefer having an original Network attached Storage instead of a game machine.With the arrival of the Xbox360, there will soon be a buyer's market for its older sibling. Kevin Herring shows how to give an Xbox a new lease on life as a full-featured NAS.Part 1, convert Your XBOX to NASPart 2, convert Your XBOX to NASPart 3, convert Your XBOX to NAS …
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This page Media Center with XBMC first publish on 2004-08-26 seems to have been a great success since more than 109237 visitors have read it.I have many prestigious referer pointing to it like itself ;-)I make U a promiss; if the XBOX360 is ever moddable (teamxecuter is on it. a release may happen in weeks or months). I will publish a step by step tutorial here In beetween. You can still send me suggestions on how to improve the …
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XBOX 360 hacking has start and XBOX 1 hack flashback
The free60 wiki which aim to document ways to have a linux booting on XBOX360 is since 2 weeks online, and has already some interesting info. (some guys are really a lot crazier than me ;-) )I came one more time to which has a page for describing how the first XBOX was hacked. Very technical but a mus to read for all security geek.The Hidden Boot Code of the Xbox From Xbox-Linux or "How to fit three bugs …
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I was hoping you could help me connect my xbox to my Apple computer. I have tried every FTP program I could get my hands on, including the built in FTP in the operating system. My Xbox has an Xecuter MOD running Evolution X. I cannot get the Xbox to network with my iMac no matter what I do. Any suggestions?XBOX, XBMC troubleshootings... …
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Streaming multimedia content to your television...a quick overview of existing solutions... …
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No Xbox You can modded, but still wanting to use this beautiful piece of software: XBMC ?You may take a look at the Media Portal"Media Portal turns your PC in a very advanced Multi MediaCenter / HTPC. It allows you to listen to your favorite music & radio, watch your video's and DVD's, view, schedule and record live TV and much more. You get Media Portal for free/nothing/nada/noppes and best of all it is opensource. This means anyone can help …
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Add a harddisk led to Your XBOX
Add a led to your Xbox to see hard disk activity This mod is quite risky, especially if youcan not solder with precision Legal Issues It is strictly forbidden to modify your xBox, sell or install mods chip in france. Even opening the XBOX is forbidden. Remember pirating is a crime, support the developers and film companies. …
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