Since January 10th this year, it has become illegal to use radar POI in Switzerland, to warn of safety cameras and mobile speed surveillance locations.

Sorry I love Swizerland, but on this one,  i can't understand it.

The Swiss police are currently actively searching for navigational systems with any type of camera pre-warning that are being used while driving. When such a device is found, the device is confiscated and destroyed and the motorist can also expect a fine. Not only has the use of these warning devices been banned, but their production, import or sale has also become illegal. Swiss road authority ASTRA announced these measures on January 8th.

ASTRA has released a document with answers to frequently asked questions.

"Solche Führer stören die Homogenität des Verkehrs und das Verkehrsklima, und sie animie-ren überdies andere Strassenbenützer zu Ge-schwindigkeitsmissachtungen."

hahaha just say You're are loosing million of CHF. I just hope manufactures, shops will be able to change that ridiculous law. On the other side we will see a lot of confiscated GPS device on flea market sold by police officer.

And here TomTom answer: Ist die Nutzung des TomTom Radarkamera-Dienstes legal?

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