• 68040 50Mhz 64Mb RAM
  • DD 540 Mb
  • CD Rom 12X
  • Ethernet Card
  • IDE extension board
  • VGA card
  • HD floppy disk




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History of the past
I will try to keep an history of all my previous machine on this page...yes it is just a nerd/geek behavior... In 15 years... Cost in euro are in green, are similar in amount, you just get more size, disk, speed for your buck 1208 times more IPS and my PC is still sometimes hanging (In order Vista, XP, #Linux I look at you) :-( 81 times more disk space! Power consumption 360 watts today :-( PC are still slower …
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"Apple Inc. made their mark in the computer arena. They revolutionized the music player industry, and now they're poised to take over the phone market. What will Steve and the gang come up with next? or this contest, you're required to sneak us into Apple's R&D facility and show us what new products they are currently giving the patented "Apple" look. iToaster? iFork? iBus? iPencil sharpener? You tell us. As always, have fun, be creative!, avoid cliches, and follow the …
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A wireless hacking computer
This is the kind of geek stuff that put a big smile on my face when I read it... a portable ladtop capable of listening 300 wireless networks and hacking WEP keys in 5 minutes....A small security firm has made a portable computer that is capable of scanning 300 networks simultaneously. Dubbed the "Janus Project", the computer also has a unique "Instant Off" switch that renders the captured data inaccessible.At first glance, the Janus computer looks like a ladtop , …
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Logitech 5500Z - 505Watts THX- Dolby pro logic
Certainly the best deal on speaker at the moment...for less than 300 euro You have a great THX system. Be careful, do not try to bring the package at home without a car like me yesterday through the city of Zurich, the system set is quite heavy...27.5kg and huge...and heavy but did I already said it? Better reviews (than just huge and heavy ;-) ) here:TomsHardwarethetechzone …
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My Equipment...
 PrivateXP1700(1470MHz) @2350Mhz- Nforce2 Asus A7N8X deluxe - 1512 Mb RAM- Watercooled - GeForce Fx5600 256Mb- 80Gb IDE disk (reiserfs)+ 160Gb SATA disk (etx3 js)+ 250Gb Onetouch usb disk (NTFS/Fat32)- running 24/7Linux SUSE 9.2KDE 3.3kernel 2.6.9Private (Parents family)Duron 700 @800MhzNforce2 Asus A7N8X deluxe- 512 Mb RAM- Air cooling Alpha Denshi PAL 6535- GeForce GTS2 Hercules 64Mb- 120Gb IDE disk (reiserfs)- running sometimes...Linux SUSE 9.2 KDE 3.3 kernel 2.6.9At WorkNotebook Compaq Nx7000Centrino 1600Mhz- 1024 Mb RAM- 60Gb internal disk (NTFS)- Radeon 9200 …
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