Microsoft Open XML has been approved by ISO, corruption and
money talk in action! Irregularities during the vote are popping up

"Microsoft's embattled Office Open XML document format received
ISO fast-track approval after receiving support from approximately
86 percent of the national bodies that participated in the vote. ISO approval will be broadly perceived as a sign of validation for the document format which has received widespread criticism from
technical experts and standards advocacy groups.
" read more HERE

From the Washington Post
"Even if the votes were legitimately won , which I doubt , OOXML is not an open standard because it isn't
fully implemented on competing platforms, and its future shape is subject purely to Microsoft's control,"
"Confusingly, the Office Open XML format being assessed by the ISO "is not what Microsoft implements in
the Office suite," Vinje said, adding that "If you implement OOXML, you don't get interoperability with Office."

Groklaw (an award-winning website that covers legal news of interest to the free and open-source software
community)&160; is maintaining a page resuming the whole battle ODF/ISO/Open XML

So basically we are now stuck worldwide with a standard running only on windows and that has a custom XML
which is everything else than a real XML that you will be able to edit WITHOUT Office! if you want to test it
and see it on your own, go to&160; OOXML is defective by design

The only way to resist is to refuse creating Open XML pptx, docx file and use this
translator Sun ODF Plugin for Microsoft Office for creating REAL open format document.

The process of standardization of Open XML is available also in WikiPedia

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