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maven.the.definitive.guide BetterBuildsWithMaven

Maven: The Definitive Guide (Readable HTML alpha release)

Better Builds with Maven (Free PDF)

  • Covers:Maven 2.0.4
  • Publisher:DevZuz
  • Published:March 2006
  • Authors: John Casey, Vincent Massol, Brett Porter, Carlos Sanchez

    Better Builds with Maven is a comprehensive 'How-to' guide for using Maven 2.0 to better manage the build, test and release cycles associated with software development. The chapters include:

    • An introduction to Maven 2.0
    • Creating, compiling and packaging your first project
    • Best practices and real-world examples
    • Building J2EE Applications
    • Extending builds by creating your own Maven plugins
    • Monitoring the health of source code, testing, dependencies and releases
    • Team collaboration and utilising Continuum for continuous integration
    • Converting existing Ant builds to Maven

Maven: A Developer's Notebook