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table html scrolling rows body


If you want to create a table with a fixed header row and a scrolling body.


 Using Iframe
Changing color of slider (using css)

body {
scrollbar-arrow-color: 9f632b;
scrollbar-base-color: 555555;
scrollbar-darkshadow-color: 555555;
scrollbar-track-color: 777777;
scrollbar-face-color: 555555;
scrollbar-shadow-color: aaaaaa;
scrollbar-highlight-color: 666666;
scrollbar-3dlight-color: 666666;

  • W3C compliant but as usual not working in IE ;-) NS4  VIEW HERE
  • Fixed table head - scrollable table body IE NS4 VIEW HERE
  • M$ way as in windows update IE only VIEW HERE
  • Using overflow-y in table IE NS4 VIEW HERE
  • Showing or Hiding row in a table (Javascript) IE NS4 VIEW HERE 
  • Showing or hiding a bloc of data IE NS4
  • Using css to change position of a second table (one table is the header the other is the content)
  • Using css and fixed columns width to create 2 table, one fixed, and one using overflow-y VIEW HERE
  • Others: contact me to submit your code here to help other web developer :-)

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