Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) or maintenance, repair, and overhaul involves fixing any sort of mechanical, plumbing or electrical device should it become out of order or broken (known as repair, unscheduled, or casualty maintenance). read more at WikiPedia

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    I will keep this post up to date with all possible PS3 lenses, you are welcome to send me any new/better pictures. As say a lot of time before. Open up your PS3 before ordering any of these optical lenses online. There is no guarantee that your model with have one of the other model. This post should help you identify which lens to order.

    KES-410ACA Playstation 3

    PS3 Compatible Replacement Laser Lens (KES-410ACA)

    KES-400A Playstation 3  40GB

    Sony PS3 Laser Lens Repair KES-400A (40gbPlaystation 3 Compat Replacement Laser Lens KES400AAA

    KES-450A Playstation 3 slim

    KES-450A.ps3.slimPS 3 Slim Compatible Remplacement Laser Lens KES450A

    KES-460A Playstation 3 slim 160-320GB

    LASER LENS PS3 SLIM 160-320GB KES-460A


    I will show you how to repair a cracked or broken iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, or iPod Touch screen yourself.

    In brief, what you need to know

    • The 3G and 3Gs screens are different! you can not mount an iPhone 4 screen on a 3G(s)
    • There is NO 3rd party or lower quality screens, all 3rd party repair company just LIE.
    • Different kit are available:
      • LCD only for 12€ to repair a broken LCD screen only: the iPhone has an intact glass screen, however the image behind the glass screen is absent, broken or distorted.
      • Glass + digitizer for 22€ This is for an iPhone 3G device with a broken glass screen or malfunctioning touch screen with the image (LCD Screen) behind the screen still intact.
      • Glass + digitizer + LCD + button + speaker mounted for 42€ the most expensive but the easiest to replace
    • Duration: 30, 15 or 2 minutes depending on the kit

    I went for the most expensive Kit on, which allow you to replace the broken screen by removing 2 screws, an connecting 3 cables!

    By the way I would NEVER send any phone to anyone, how do you think all these private pictures land on forums? removing the sim card is not enough, there are tools to fetch data even after the have been removed!

    Glass + digitizer + LCD + button + speaker kit mounted with all required tools to perform the repair


    Step 1

    Remove the 2 small Phillips screws located at the bottom of the iPhone


    Step 2

    Using the suction cups, pull up the screen upper part while retaining the body, it will come with no efforts


    Step 3

    Look at the connectors that you will have to pull off using the tool. Apple numbered the black ribbon cables 1, 2, and 3. The ribbon 3 being hidden under the cable that connect to 2. Just pull the cables in that order 2,1 and 3 off,


    Step 4

    Connect the new screen by plugging in that order 3, 1 and 2. Verify proper operations before closing with the 2 Philips screw the case back.


  • sony_playstation_ps3

    Side by side, here are the PS3 lenses that are currently available for your PS3. If you ever decide to change the lens yourself, my best advice is to always open your PS3 first before ordering any new lens as there is no way to determine which model use which lens.

    Attention: PS3 40gb may use a different lens: LENS KES-410A or KES-410ACA (but some ps3 40gb has been found with the other lens KES-400AAA)

    KES-400AAA on the left, KES-410A on the right

    Change your PS3 Bluray lens yourself

    Thanks to Sarah for allowing me to publish this picture on my site.

  • Apple IPhone don’t fly well, and here is a picture to prove it:

    I will this week end publish an online “how to exchange your iPhone 3GS LCD screen yourself”

    • The Glass can be found on ebay for 22 euros
    • The whole assembled kit: Glass + LCD + frame + home button + speakers + kit of 7 tools for less than 42 euro! this is the kit I ordered yesterday online.

    By the way, Apple ask a little bit more than 200 CHF for replacing the glass.

  • There are “Still” plenty of reasons to jailbreak that aren't directly related to iPhone-specific hardware.

    • Cydia, an APT frontend for your iPhone, get all applications, most are open source or refused by Apple!
      By the way, Cydia was offering cut&paste, video editing, back grounding, MMS and more years before Apple gives us the OS 3.0. What’s coming in OS 4.0? skins and themes :-)
    • Winterboard, apply themes and skins to get more funny spring board, for example with the little big planet skins, they are really hundreds of them!
      &160;little.big.planet.cydia cydia.theme
    • Live Clock and Weather icons,
    • SBSettings,a customizable HUD with handy settings switches accessed by swiping across the status bar in any app or in the home screen, numerical status displays,
    • Customizable system fonts,
    • Multitasking support, dead simple: press Home 2 second to put app in background, 2 second more to disabled background, I did not see any huge power drain differences by running 2 instant messaging apps: Skype and Nimbuzz 2 hours without interruption. The only real issue that must be confirmed is that the iPhone get really hot in the back. I would suspect that Apple is aware of this problem and did not switch back grounding application for this reason.
    • Full access to the file system, normal users don’t need that, but developers find it fun!
    • Terminal, SSH (openSSH yes), VNC and VIM, I can now remotely connect to my host with my RSA keys but more on that later..

    How to Jailbreak your iPhone/iPod 3GS


    I just want to share here how simple and how easy it was for ME, it doesnt mean it will work for YOU. Search in Google for a solution in case of disaster (iPhone wont boot up), it seems a backup/restore may save you time and eager.

    Jailbreak with Purplera1n;

    Run the exe while having your iPhone connected through USB, click on the button “make it ra1n”

    The iPhone will reboot and a new icon “Freeze” will appear. Click on it to install Cydia [WikiPedia]. The operation take less than 1 minute


    • You can also afterward install cracked Applications by Drag & Drop into iTunes or by double clicking them and Sync with your iPhone/iPod Touch !!!
    • I recommend you to install “Pandora Box”, a free app that run on any non jail broken iPhone and let you review every day or week all paid applications that get a price drop (paid to free, paid drop in prices ). There is enough (crap) to download for free before paying of even hacking the iPhone.
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    you can use this technique on all NON MOVING plastic parts, It is even better if you use clothes wires and glue them with CA (as best as carbon fibers)
  •  bonjour!
    j'habite en nouvelle caledonie, dans le pacifique sud, j'ai achete un "cerveau central " de draganflyer sans rien autour (excepte des rotors en piteux etat ),
    et ai envie bien sur de monter le bidule.....(un vieux reve) avant d'aller plus loin, je pilote des avions rc depuis 22 ans maintenant, et des helis depuis 10 ans( concept 46 vr full zeal et vigor cs avec un ys 80
    ) ne suis donc pas un total debutant.....

    En fait le draganflyer est vraiment très facile a piloter et très stable en vol. Les seules précautions à prendre:

    • BIEN marquer le rotor avant d'une autre couleur afin d'éviter les pertes d'orientation, car l'appareil qui se pilote comme est hélico est symétrique, et il est donc facile de se tromper au manches.
    • Ne pas voler lorqu'il fait chaud ou en plein soleil direct, car les gyroscopes (tout du moins sur la 1ere version que j'ai, ont tendances à dériver.....)
    • Faire attention aux murs et obstacles: il faut cabrer la bête pour la stopper net :-)

    donc, au niveau des rotors, je pense en mouler en carbon sur la base des originaux que j'ai eu en mauvais etat..........mais ca sera easy a mouler donc pas de pb.....

    Si on a de l'expérience avec le moulage, c'est tout à fait possible. Attention si en vol on sent que la gammelle n'est pas très loin...couper les gazs, cela limitera les dégats. Les pales d'origines, explosent et sous certaines conditions, peuvent se réparer à la cyanocrilate (Colle instantanée).

    par contre c'est au niveau des moteurs que j'aurai besoin de tes lumieres, d'apres ce que j'ai vu, le "gearing" est approximativement 1/5 et des
    poussieres, ca correspond donc par exemple a des systemes de propulsion "eps350" ou "eps300" de chez GWS avec le gearing "C" le pb vient des moteurs en fait !va jeter un oeil chez "aircraft world " : 

    les rapports d'engrenages (gearing) sont les suivants:

    • Pinion moteur: 10 dents.
    • Engrenages: 56 dents.

    Quels sont les moteurs employes a l'origine?

    Les moins cher qui existent....des Mabuchi S0, à savoir des speeds 280

    combien l'electronique peut supporter, j'ai peur en fait de griller la platine...a ma place que ferais tu?

    D'après Mike Dammar, le concepteur avec qui j'ai échangé pas mal de mails en 2002, Il est possible d'utiliser la même platine (Draganflyer) pour le draganflyer XP pour peu que l'on ajoute des dissipateur. Les Transistors d'origines IRLZ44N sont donnés à 55V, Rds(on)=0.022ohm, Id=47A donc il y a de la marge.

    ensuite en ce qui concerne la connectique, je n'ai pas le "harness" qui permet le cablage, connais tu une alternative ? un plan de cablage ? des dimensions exactes? du centre du cerveau au centre du rotor : combien de cm ?
    tous les conseils sont les bienvenus....

    Le frame de remplacement carbone, est vraiment bien fait, il m'a couté $80, les dimensions du frame de la version 4: distance de l'axe d'un moteur au centre de la platine électronique: 20cm. Je peut mettre plus de photos de mon roswell en ligne si des détails t'interessent.

    et au fait, comment ca vole?on peut faire quoi avec ce machin? merci par avance !

    Cela vole dans un mouchoir de poche, a haute altitude, il est possible de faire un looping, c'est un engin un peu bruyant, du fait des engrenages...Il faut absolument utiliser des accus Li-ion sinon la durée de vol est décevante: 4 minutes maximum. voire l'artcile sur ce site sur l'utilisation de Li-ion.

    j'attends de tes nouvelles des que possible..c'est tellement rare de trouver des personnes parlant francais ayant cet engin!

    Je vais essayer d'étendre cette page, pour répondre au maximum de question que les futurs acquéreurs/bricoleurs se posent...Si vous avez un problème, utiliser le menu sous "Contact me" pour me joindre