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  • eCenter is the company which has give me the opportinity to work in zurich  from 2001 to 2004 in a very experienced team of Java developer.
    I've made a break by going back to Helvetia switzerland 2 years ago, but I  am more than happy to reintegrate this unit at the end of year. eCenter is now going to the market (internal IT unit to an independent, market oriented IT solutions company) , and this give me the chance to put some links:

    ecenter solutions
    vision is to be a leader in the financial services market , offering the first Open Source Software based solution for sales support and product distribution.

  • Since I am living in Switzerland, I took the time to start all administrative hassles to use my French motorcycle in Zürich.

    How to convert your driving permit...

    This is probably the most easier part, You'll have to

    • Fill a formular and do a vision test (cost me 10 CHF)
    • Provide an identity picture.
    • Provide the old original license, which will be sent back to your country origin.
    • Go to the Strassenverkehrsamt and pay 
      • 54 CHF for the conversion of the old driving license to the new swiss driving license.
      • 40 CHF fro the new swiss driving license
      • 15 CHF verification of your identity
    • Total costs: 119 CHF

    The new permit arrive with post in less than 3 days.

     How to import Your vehicle...

    This one is more tricky, as it may take more time. If You prepare everything, it MAY be done in a few weeks...or days if you are lucky.

    • If the vehicle was coming as goods at the border, you should have 2 papers, the list of things you bring with You in Switzerland and a formular of the border.
    • You'll have to find an insurance company first for Your vehicle, give all informations You currently have to the insurance and ask for a insurance certificate (versicherungsnachweis), this is a paper which prove that You have an insurance, validity 30 days (can be a fax, it is enough).
    • Go to the road traffic licensing department (Strassenverkehrsamt), and provide all papers, they will give you a appointment for the control of the vehicle characteristics...I first receive a meeting in 2 months! anyway the administration may send You a post letter if they have something closer to offer. That was the case for me, 1 week after, they offered me the Wednesday 3 May 2006 at 9:15.
    • The day of the control (cost 120 CHF), the motorcycle has to be clean and the motor warm. It will take 40 minutes. Bring all papers with you including the motorcycle manual It i more an administrative task for the controller. Looking at weight, noise, gazes and filling a lot of papers. I watch him doing 80% of the control at the desk! If a paper is missing or something goes wrong, You may be able to come back any day between 11:20 and 11:40 to bring the missing paper with. (cost 40 CHF more)
    • The control  will be closed after the controller 3 minutes ride test.
    • You'll to pay
      • Transport cession 58.20 CHF
      • Vehicle identification card: 40 CHF
      • Encashment costs: 30 CHF
      • Vehicle identification plate: 25 CHF
      • Entry obligations: 15 CHF
    • Total costs: 328.20 CHF
    Back to the administration, You will receive your motorcycle plate number (25 CHF), the old  vehicle identity card and it's plate number will be send to the country you come from.

  • Helvetia Patria is a leading Swiss insurance service provider with core competencies in risk management and private pensions. Mutual appreciation, open communications and clear objectives are important principles of management and collaboration in our company.

    We are looking in our ecenter for a professional, client-oriented and motivated 
    System Administrator to strengthen our Infrastructure and Architecture Team. (ID 340281) 
    The ecenter, a small and very specialized unit of the Helvetia Patria Group, is delivering a central e-business infrastructure and platform, based on the J2EE specifications, to the Group’s subsidiaries already for the past 5 years. We differ from others in offering a great team spirit and a motivating environment where technical and business expertise is thriving. Our office is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

    In cooperation with our outsourcing partners and internal architects, you will be working on ensuring a secured and highly available delivery of our e-business infrastructure and platform to our clients.

    We are expecting you to bring to the position a deep knowledge and expertise of - as well as a minimum of 3 years experience in - the administration and operation of Linux systems (SuSe distribution), of Oracle and MySql databases, of Apache and Tomcat components, and last but not least, of the BEA WebLogic application server. General competency in network and security is also necessary as is experience with scripting languages (shell, perl, ant). German and English (written and spoken) are required while knowledge in a third European language is appreciated.
    Competencies in Microsoft Windows 2003 Server and SqlServer are a plus.

    If you are interested in working in a growing and fast moving international environment, if you are interested in learning and discovering, please contact Didier Beck (didier dot beck at helvetiapatria dot ch). Original text here

    Helvetia Patria Versicherungen
    Marianne Thürlemann, Human Resources + Dienste
    Dufourstrasse 40, 9001 St. Gallen