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  • Don't forget that the latest version of eclipse is due to be released tomorrow :-)


    "The goal of the Ganymede Simultaneous Release is currently the same aslast year's goal for Europa: to release N major Eclipse
    projects at the same time. We are doing this simultaneous release to support the needs of the ecosystem members who integrate
    Eclipse frameworks into their own software and products. While those product producers naturally accept the ultimate responsibility
    for their customers' experiences, Ganymede's goal is to eliminate uncertainity about project version numbers, and thus to allow
    ecosystem members to start their own integration, cross-project, and cross-product testing efforts earlier. Ganymede is about
    improving the productivity of the developers working on top of Eclipse frameworks by providing a more transparent and predictable
    development cycle; Ganymede is about developers helping developers serve the whole Eclipse community."

    Download the latest eclipse Ganymede version


    Ganymede is a natural satellite of Jupiter and the largest natural satellite in the Solar System. The next moon of Jupiter that may be use
    for the next release of Eclipse may be IO...