Munin is a networked resource monitoring tool that can help analyze resource trends and "what just happened to kill our performance?" problems. It is designed to be very plug and play. A default installation provides a lot of graphs with almost no work.

In Norse mythology Hugin and Munin are the ravens of the god king Odin. They flew all over Midgard for him, seeing and remembering, and later telling him. "Munin" means "memory".

Install Munin&160;by issuing as root

apt-get install munin munin-node munin-plugins-extra

Activate as many plugins as required, there is more than 230 plugins!

acpi                      jmx_                     qmailscan-simple
amavis                    load                     quota_usage_
apache_accesses           loggrep                  samba
apache_processes          lpar_cpu                 selinux_avcstat
apache_volume             lpstat                   sendmail_mailqueue
apc_envunit_              mailman                  sendmail_mailstats
apc_nis                   mailscanner              sendmail_mailtraffic
apt                       mbmon_                   sensors_
apt_all                   memcached_               slapd_
asterisk_channels         memory                   slapd_bdb_cache_
asterisk_channelstypes    mhttping                 slony_lag_
asterisk_codecs           multigraph_tester        smart_
asterisk_meetme           multiping                snmp__cpuload
asterisk_meetmeusers      multips                  snmp__df
asterisk_sipchannels      multips_memory           snmp__fc_if_
asterisk_sippeers         munin_stats              snmp__fc_if_err_
asterisk_voicemail        munin_update             snmp__if_
bind9                     mysql_                   snmp__if_err_
bind9_rndc                mysql_bytes              snmp__if_multi
bonding_err_              mysql_innodb             snmp__load
buddyinfo                 mysql_isam_space_        snmp__memory
cmc_tc_sensor_            mysql_queries            snmp__netapp_diskusage_
colour_tester             mysql_slowqueries        snmp__netapp_inodeusage_
courier_                  mysql_threads            snmp__netstat
courier_mta_mailqueue     named                    snmp__print_pages
courier_mta_mailstats     netopia                  snmp__print_supplies
courier_mta_mailvolume    netstat                  snmp__processes
cps_                      nfs4_client              snmp__rdp_users
cpu                       nfs_client               snmp__sensors_fsc_bx_fan
cpuspeed                  nfsd                     snmp__sensors_fsc_bx_temp
cupsys_pages              nfsd4                    snmp__sensors_fsc_fan
df                        nginx_request            snmp__sensors_fsc_temp
df_abs                    nginx_status             snmp__sensors_mbm_fan
df_inode                  nomadix_users_           snmp__sensors_mbm_temp
dhcpd3                    ntp_                     snmp__sensors_mbm_volt
digitemp_                 ntp_kernel_err           snmp__swap
diskstat_                 ntp_kernel_pll_freq      snmp__uptime
diskstats                 ntp_kernel_pll_off       snmp__users
ejabberd_                 ntp_offset               snmp__winload
entropy                   ntp_states               snmp__winmem
env                       nut_misc                 snort_alerts
exim_mailqueue            nutups_                  snort_bytes_pkt
exim_mailqueue_alt        nut_volts                snort_drop_rate
exim_mailstats            nvidia_                  snort_pattern_match
extinfo_tester            open_files               snort_pkts
fail2ban                  open_inodes              snort_traffic
files_                    openvpn                  spamstats
foldingathome             perdition                squeezebox_
foldingathome_rank        ping_                    squid_cache
foldingathome_wu                squid_icp
forks                     plugins.history          squid_objectsize
freeradius_acct           pm3users_                squid_requests
freeradius_auth           pop_stats                squid_traffic
freeradius_proxy_acct     port_                    surfboard
freeradius_proxy_auth     postfix_mailqueue        swap
fw_conntrack              postfix_mailstats        sybase_space
fw_forwarded_local        postfix_mailvolume       tcp
fw_packets                postgres_bgwriter        threads
haproxy_                  postgres_cache_          tomcat_
hddtemp                   postgres_checkpoints     tomcat_access
hddtemp2                  postgres_connections_    tomcat_jvm
hddtempd                  postgres_connections_db  tomcat_threads
hddtemp_smartctl          postgres_locks_          tomcat_volume
http_loadtime             postgres_querylength_    uptime
id                        postgres_scans_          users
if_                       postgres_size_           varnish_
if_err_                   postgres_transactions_   vlan_
ifx_concurrent_sessions_  postgres_tuples_         vlan_inetuse_
interrupts                postgres_users           vlan_linkuse_
iostat                    postgres_xlog            vmstat
iostat_ios                processes                vserver_cpu_
ip_                       proc_pri                 vserver_loadavg
ipac-ng                   proxy_plugin             vserver_resources
ipmi_                     ps_                      warning_tester
ipmi_sensor_              psu_                     yum
ircu                      qmailqstat               zimbra_
irqstats                  qmailscan

Here are some I did add to the list of already activated one. Some were added for obvious reason like mysql, nginx and fail2ban to monitor SSH brute force attempt…

cd /etc/munin/plugins/

ln -s /usr/share/munin/plugins/nginx_status nginx_status

ln -s /usr/share/munin/plugins/nginx_request nginx_request

ln -s /usr/share/munin/plugins/mysql_ mysql

ln -s /usr/share/munin/plugins/mysql_queries mysql_queries

ln -s /usr/share/munin/plugins/fail2ban fail2ban

Fail2Ban require root access to the socket of fail2ban, so edit munin-node

vi /etc/munin/plugin-conf.d/munin-node

And append at the end

user root

Restart Munin-node and force the munin-cron process to run the initial html reports or wait 5 minutes…

/etc/init.d/munin-node restart
sudo -u munin munin-cron

Add to the crontab of the user Munin the command to run Munin every 5 minutes:

sudo -u munin crontab –e
*/5 * * * * /usr/bin/munin-cron

Protect the server host where Munin&160;will output its reports

htpasswd -c /etc/nginx/.htpasswd username

Now add a new site to nginx

vi /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/waltercedric
And put at least the following inside

server {
listen&160;&160;&160;&160;&160;&160; 80;
root /var/cache/munin/www;
location / {
&160;&160;&160; expires off;
&160;&160;&160; auth_basic "Munin";
&160;&160;&160; auth_basic_user_file /etc/nginx/.htpasswd;

And reload nginx configuration with service nginx reload

You can now point any browser to

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