These are the 3 major Linux open-source project which may represent what Linux look like in a few months/years

  • Appeal: Appeal is a living experiment in progressive development and organizational concepts as applied to the KDE project. The project's aim is to generate breathtakingly beautiful, usable and creative software for KDE. Within the Appeal environment art, usability and software development is brought together in unison during the earliest phases of development. The project also serves as an incubator for emerging technologies that harmonize with these goals.
  • Plasma and their vision The Plasma team is spending a lot of time thinking and working on these new desktop components. The result will be a system that you don't have to spend a lot of time thinking about or struggling with to make it work the way you want it to. In fact, our job will be done when the average user hardly notices the mechanisms at work and just simply enjoys the beauty and sense of Plasma.
  • The Oxygen icon theme was started by David Vignoni during the first Appeal Project meeting held in Berlin on March 2005. The very first versions of the folder design, were following the Nuvola style, using vibrant colors, outlines and a cartoonish look and more Here

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My Favorite Desktop under Linux has reach a huge milestone KDE 4.3.0 is out, and it is a great release. It is unlikely that any one specific thing will strike the user as the most noticeable improvement; rather, the overall user experience of KDE has improved greatly in KDE 4.3.0. The release's codename, Caizen, is a Japanese philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement throughout all aspects of life. That has been the goal of the KDE team for 4.3.0: polish, …
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The KDE Project ships a new major release of their leading Open Source desktop environment. KDE 3.4More than 6,500 bugs have been fixedMore than 1,700 wishes have been fullfilledMore than 80,000 contributions with several million lines of code and documentation added or changedKDE is an independent project of hundreds of developers, translators, artists and other professionals worldwide collaborating over the Internet to create and freely distribute a sophisticated, customizable and stable desktop and office environment employing a flexible, component-based, network-transparent …
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