Ive found a lot of useful and nice features in KDE desktop that I miss at work while using windows xp...
  • All windows can be keep above other and even when the application is not designed to do so (right click on a windows title and under "advanced" - "Keep above others")
  • KDE can be tuned through the control center a lot more and without any 3rd party tool. Moreover this control center is organized in a better way.
  • Killing an application is a lot more easier too, CTRL-ALT-ESC and a skull appear. At this point I remember how difficult it is to explain to a joe user how to locate a task in windows task manager and kill it... (especially if You also do not now the name of the task and hunt for it)). Note: a task manager can be launch under KDE with CTRL-ESC
  • In konqueror copying a image in a directory where it already exist, start a comparaison windows to help You to decide between overwriting or cancelling. Very useful
  • Hover on images, text or pdf and a preview pop-up in Konqueror (the default file manager)
  • A lot more view mode for your files 7 and all are nice depending on situation (only 4 in winxp)
  • KDE control center is a lot lot better and easier to understand compare to Windows control panel
  • You like an image and want to use it as a wallpaper? drag it on the desktop, a contextual windows will propose You to use it as wallpaper
This is only a fraction of the possibility offered by KDE, the official WIKI is available here

The best way to make KDE a try is to boot a free linux live CD (boot in 1 min and dont write any data on your disk, only use RAM memory) like knoppix - www.knopper.net/knoppix or any other live-cd flavours

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