Do not buy or use this simulator, prefer Reflex XTR (


  • very accurate, you can measure data on your heli and put them into your simulator with no changes...
  • runs on ladtop, and small machine, no need to have an expensive video card, CSM add support for Windows 2000, winXP...
  • very very accurate...but very very bad looking
  • very precise interface connected to lpt1, support to 12 channels....
  • True heading lock gyro ICG360
  • Update are free, you can really build new airplanes and new heli and not derivate from an existing one (compare to realflight)


  • bad graphics but is it really so bad ? we want to fly rapidly and acquire is not a technical demo.
  • proprietary dongle


Official homepage of CSM and technical support
How to build your own visual for CSM (tutorial and heli, plane to download)
CSM Swaps

Download file :

Raptor 30 for CSM click here (4.25 Ko)
Documentation CSM 10 in word format (111 Ko)

Technical section :

Connect CSM 10 to a futaba FF9 : You must own the dongle, we only want to bypass the use of the jack connector and use a DIN..or connect to the proprietary connector..

Run CSM in Windows 2000 :

This is only a small extract of a newsgroup post by Andrew Powell (CSM).

1. Download and install the RainbowSSD539 sentinel driver from

2. Install the driver you just downloaded - leave all the options on.(you don&39;t need to reboot to do this).

3. Open the revent CSM folder, choose the file you wish to run eg heli10.exe and right click and choose
"Properties" .

a) choose the "Program" tab and make sure the "Run" dropdown says "Maximised",
b) choose the "Screen" tab and make sure the "Usage" is "Full screen" (the others can stay checked/unchecked as they are)
c) choose the "Misc" tab, uncheck "Allow screen saver", "Exclusive Mode" "Always suspend", "Fast pasting" and I also suggest you uncheck most (if not all) of the "Windows shortcut keys" as using them will HANG your computer (no way out!)
d) click OK.

If you can&39;t use the mouse in more than 1/2 the screen. Use the "P" key to scroll down the menus "H" key to scroll up the menus. The "Enter" key to
select and the "-"/"+" keys (not numpad - although it may work) to change options. All the other keys should work as advertised.

Don&39;t (DONT) use the windows key, or windows key combinations.. As it tends to hang the machine.

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