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Ipacs Aerofly Pro
Knife Edge Realflight G2
Tru-Flite 3D
Cockpit master

Free simulators

Utility of a simulator :

  • Save your money : you can do virtual crash.But not too many, otherwise your learning curve will be flat.
  • Fly when it is raining outside !
  • Fly when it is snowing outside !
  • Improve your manoeuvre, learn new tricks.
  • Fly for free before you buy a helicopter, if you find it boring you sell the simulator and not your beautiful and expensive "as new heli" on ebay...after 3 hours....
  • Avoid dangerous situation for you and your heli.

Training :

Practice the "Oh My God" recovery : Take the helicopter up, close your eyes, SCRAMBLE the sticks for several seconds, open your eyes, then try to recover the bird.

For basic skills:
a) tail in hover
b) nose in hover
c) inverted tail in hover
d) inverted nose in hover
e) slow transition between a-b & c-d by piroetting.
f) upright figure 8&39;s fast and slow
g) inverted figure 8&39;s fast and slow.

Unfortunately, alot of new manuevres are built upon being able to fly your heli backwards and sideways without getting confused. So for new stuff, I&39;ve been trying my best to keep it to:

a) stationary piro-etting (all piroetting done nose right to keep it simple for now)
b) inverted stationary piro-etting
c) piro-etting T&39;s
d) inverted piro-etting T&39;s
e) backwards figure 8&39;s
f) inverted backwards figure 8&39;s

List of all available RC simulator

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