If you have a problem with this helicopter or with another heli brand, I recommend you to visit the site. Most of the problem has been already solve for the raptor 30. Since all heli share the same design (more or less), you can find many tips and idea for your heli.

My kyosho caliber 30 n°2, 22 March 2003

Equiped with

Gyro: GY401 Heading lock
RX: Graupner XM16 FM 41Mhz
Pitch/Roll/Nick-Servo: Futaba 3001 - Futaba 3001 - Futaba 3001
Tail-Servo: Futaba s9250 numeric high speed
Battery: Sanyo 1700 SCR, Sanyo 1700 SCR
Blades: wood stock blades
Other Graupner C5007 for throttle
Motor OS32 SX-H + Hatori Mufler 337
Number of Crash
Flight Log click here