Now I remember why I NEVER use my bike when it is raining....I fell (slipping on the road) on the ground today at 11:00 in middle of Alstetten (Zürich - Switzerland), only 200m away from the office.
A lot of people in cars have stopped to help me get out the road.

By luck nobody was behind me (except the police which has seen everything in live ;-)). I slide nearly 5 meters on the ground (by luck I was not driving so fast). The bike has nearly nothing, I will post some picture soon. Since I was fully equiped, what I always do even for small distances (7 km), I have nothing, except some pain in the left hand. But nothing serious...

My first accident in 2002 is documented here

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Pour information, on ne peut pas ne pas faire d'accidents, en moyenne et selon les assureurs 1 tous les 7 ans. Si vous n'en faites pas, c'est que vous avez de la chance, (il faudrait aussi avoir accés à la la courbe de distribution de cette probabilité), ou que vous ne roulez pas beaucoup! First accident : 8 sept 2002 In basel city (Switzerland) after an emergency brake the moto slide on it's side with me in the middle of …
5656 Days ago