Since I have a lot of raptor 30 bin parts, I will replace all parts on the caliber with them...- Replace paddles with raptor 30 paddles, done on 25.06.2002 -> this suppress completely flutter ! 1 day of hard 3D without any problem
- Add longer tail boom suppport,
- After a crash I will certainly replace landing skids with the raptor 30 landing skids since they are more flexible (loose crash ;-)).
- The phillips head screws used are JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard). There are no substitutes. Regular metric drivers will not work. So it is a good idea to replace them all with allen screw before stripping original head screws (they are made of a very cheap metal)
- Add an air filter, the engine sucks air from the airflow coming from the fan, this reduce possibility of dust entering in the carb.
- You can use raptor 30 main rotor blade.
- If you use the kyosho canopy, do not apply the decals (it is really a pain to apply them), but sligthly sand the screen and paint it instead.

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You can replace a lot of part on the caliber 30, raptor 30 parts are half prize compare to Kyosho genuine parts! Swashplate If your swashplate develop slope or break after a crash, do not buy a new plastic one from Kyosho....CA3036 Upper Swash + CA3037 Lower Swashplate + CA3038 Swash Inner Race = $32 you can buy an aftermarket metal for $60 (quick Uk)Alternatively you can reduce slope in the plastic swashplate if you use new screws with big …
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