It can be very dangerous to have your swashplatte being caught while flying by the correct FT canopy (fiber). You will have to remove a small amount of material in order to fly safe. (use a dremel)

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You will have to aquire the following: HI3130B Canopy 29.95 HI3133A Windshield 9.95 HI3129 Mounting brackets 5.95 …
5659 Days ago
Install a raptor 30 canopy or any other canopy
Why a raptor 30 canopy? + Less ugly, moreover the R30 V2 is really nice (ok, it's not a princess but this is a personal point of view) + Real windows for watching the battery monitor, + Access to the needle, can be finally adjust realtime, + Lot lighter ( vs 237 grammes for the original canopy), + The exhaust can not melt the canopy ;-) + Better cooling, + Cheaper 30 size canopy of the market ($19). + Body …
5659 Days ago