On my caliber 1, using double side tape. use zip tie to
secure the tank...

On my caliber 2....

Help to balanced the heli if needed. Won't work with
a raptor 30 canopy.
by Steve_JR

by the Joeker

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An original way to mount the sensor
An original way to mount the sensor by sgunn911 "Finding out that the GV-1 Brackets were not meant to be used with a Caliber 30's clutch hub being directly in the way, I decided to get creative. This worked out perfect, and is probably better that the normal installation method. I used a cooling fan from Correct, (item 416-141) and used the rim around the top to install the magnet. I then mounted the sensor on the TOP of the …
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a remote starter plug
I recommend not to mount one! sometimes it is better to always remove the canopy...you can discover mechanical bug and do a quick check before each new flight. cheap way by elta68 better looking by CK_ …
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voltage monitor
Hard task because of the canopy, or space left by the frame example 1 …
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