An original way to mount the sensor by sgunn911 
correct cooling fan
global view
sensor mounted

"Finding out that the GV-1 Brackets were not meant to be used with a Caliber 30's clutch hub being directly in the way, I decided to get creative.

This worked out perfect, and is probably better that the normal installation method. I used a cooling fan from Correct, (item 416-141) and used the rim around the top to install the magnet. I then mounted the sensor on the TOP of the fan facing down and drilled a hole and shaped it to fit the sensor.

The sensor now sits above the fan facing down, and is receiving at a 97% (which is very good). It also is mounted to the frame instead of a long bracket, and doesn't move around. This method also makes for a much cleaner look, as there is no brackets used to mount.

All credits to sgunn911, his gallery at runryder and website CUSTOM-RC.COM
  "Installing the GV-1 sensor on the Caliber 30 can be tricky because the fan, where the magnets are mounted, is above the clutch. I've seen many modified brackets on the web to 'bend' the sensor around the clutch. However, I found that..."
more on his site

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