The default muffler is great! It is not mandatory to change it, since it performed quite well. I buy the caliber 2 second hand together with these 2 mufflers, so why not mount them?
Hatori 3d pipe 350
A must if you run with high nitro percentage.
Require to use the additional parts provided in kit.
Hatori Mufler 337
Not really interesting compare to the default muffler, except that it is lighter. Replace the default muffler with no change.

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Swashplate, suppress a lot of slope found in the original one.Metal fan, The Correct do not seem to have a better cooling effect, wait till QuickUk release a better version.Metal clutch bell,...Other upgrades are not recommended since in case of crash the energy will be release elsewhere, bend metal, stripped gears, break more. "Do not make the mistake of buying a cheap 30 size and adding $1000 of upgrades! buy a 60 size helicopter"(Curtis Youngblood). Upgrade page is HERE …
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