The Neo Geo Pocket was SNK's first hand held video game system, released in Japan in late 1998; however, lower than expected sales resulted in its discontinuation in 1999, and was immediately succeeded by the Neo Geo Pocket Color. The system only had a retail release within the Japan and Hong Kong market.

Side by side, a Neo Geo Pocket on the left side and a Neo Geo Pocket Color

King of Fighters R-1 (I have both R-1 and R-2)

Bought on eBay for 30 euro with King Of Fighter R-1

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3728 Days ago
Neo Geo Pocket Color
I did buy these 2 color hand held Neo-Geo pocket color on When I start playing with the SNK Neo Geo back in 1991 (till 2000), I was never thinking of buying one of these Neo-geo Pocket Color. I am now trying to complete my collection of SNK Neo-geo stuff …
3772 Days ago